What is the Capital of Chile?

Santiago is the largest city and capital of Chile. Santiago, one of the richest and most beautiful cities in South America, takes its name from St Santiago, one of Jesus’ apostles.

Santiago capital of Chile Map
Where is Santiago?

Santiago is situated on the banks of the Mapocho River, on a plain on the outskirts of the Andean Mountains. It is located in the Santiago Metropolitan Region and consists of 32 administrative districts. 40 percent of Chile’s total population is concentrated in Santiago and its vicinity. For this reason, the city is called Centro Santiago Centro.

When did Santiago Become the Capital?

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Santiago was discovered by the Spanish and founded in 1541 by the Spanish explorer Pedro de Valdivia. Santa Lucia Hill is the city center. The reason why Valdivia chose this place is that the Mapocho River created a large island here. The reason for choosing this location is to protect the city from Mapuche attacks.

Despite this, the first attacks started in 1541. A southern branch of the Mapocho River has been dried and a boulevard called Alameda de las Delicias has been built here. Today the name of the street called “Alameda” by the people of Santiago is “Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgin”.

A major earthquake in the city caused Santiago to lose important works. This earthquake occurred in 1647 and a total of 12,000 people were killed. A large part of the city was destroyed by this earthquake and many of the colonial remains were destroyed. Excluding exceptions such as Casa Colorada, Iglesia San Francisco and Posada del Corregidor, the building is more than 150 years old.

In 1818, the Spanish and Chilean forces defeated Spain in the war and Chilean forces won the war and declared the country’s independence and Santiago assumed the role of capital.

Features of Santiago

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Santiago has a population of 5.15 million according to 2015 data. Santiago has an area of 15,403 square kilometers. Santiago has a warm and temperate climate. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summe. The average annual temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius in the region.

Santiago is set on a plain on the outskirts of the Andean Mountains, on the banks of the Mapocho River. Due to the density of traffic and industry, air pollution is frequently encountered. This is why, especially in winter, it is often difficult to choose the surrounding mountain ranges that make up the eastern borders of the city.

Chile’s major companies are based in Santiago. Likewise, representatives of many foreign companies are present here. Since the media center is here again, national TV channels broadcast from here. Santiago is the city where national newspapers such as El Mercurio, La Tercera, La Nación and Siete are published. In 2004 and 2005, Santiago was named the most important city in Latin America by America Economica magazine.

Important Places to See in Santiago

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Santiago, the capital of Chile, is one of the most important cities where many tourists flock every year. Fascinating with its modern and natural structure, the city excites tourists with its places to visit from cathedrals to squares and museums.

Paseo Ahumada, Plaza de Armas and Santiago Cathedral are the main attractions in Santiago.