What is the Capital of Burundi?

The capital of Burundi is Gitega. The capital of the country, Bujumbura, was moved to Gitega in early 2019. Gitega is the newest capital in the world.

What is the Capital of Burundi? 1
Where is Gitega?

Gitega is located in the southeast of Bujumbura and in the middle of the country.

When did Gitega Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Burundi? 2

Located on the northeast corner of Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura is the old capital and largest city of Burundi. The largest port of the country without a seashore was built on the Lake Tanganyika. This port has also enabled Bujumbura to become an economic and commercial center. Bujumbura, a small village at the time, began to develop rapidly in 1889 after becoming a military center in German East Africa. It became the center of this region after the First World War when Belgium took Rwanda-Urundi region under the protection. The city, which was then called Usumbura, was converted to Bujumbura in time.

In March 2007, Burundi Chairman Pierre Nkurunziza announced that he plans to bring Burundi’s capital back to Gitega and is in a better position for the capital than Bujumbura. In early 2019, President Pierre Nkurunziza moved his capital to Gitega, located in the center of Burundi. All three organs of the state will be relocated to Gitega for three years.

Features of Gitega

What is the Capital of Burundi? 3

Gitega has a population of 22,989 according to 2012 data. Gitega has a surface area of 315.44 square kilometers. The average annual temperature in Gitega is 23 ° C. From time to time the temperature reaches 30 ° C. Rainfall is irregular. In general, fog is seen in the city. Generally, there are 4 seasons: The long dry season is from June to August, the short rainy season is from September to November, the short dry season is from December to January and the long rainy season is from February to May.

You should not miss the shows exhibited by the Burundian musicians. These performances can be found on street advertisements or local ones. It is also recommended that you create an opportunity and participate in the wedding ceremonies. If you take a taxi, you must bargain before boarding. You can also use the more affordable moto-taxis from the taxis.

Important Places to See in Gitega

What is the Capital of Burundi? 4

Burundi is a small country in the east of Africa. Burundi, who has always come up with news of terrorism and death, has had serious problems in the country. It started in 1993 and lasted until 2005. Due to the citizens who are not satisfied with the presidential election in 2005, 300 thousand people lost their lives and Africa has taken its place in the list of the most dangerous countries.

The government has been charged with genocide by human rights defenders around the world because of the movements during the civil war. Lawsuits against the government that 1000 people were tortured and killed and women were raped and left to die. Even if you are thinking of going to Burundi, you may find warning texts prepared by most governments. These texts refer to crimes in the region, terrorism activities and dangers, and reminds you that your travel will put you in great danger. But if you can afford these dangers, you can meet Burundi’s wonderful natural beauties and examine life in the world’s poorest country.

In order to travel to Burundi, you must obtain a diplomatic passport or a visa from the Burundi Consulate. It will be very difficult for you to prepare for a trip to Burundi. Since no tourists have entered this region since 2015, you will not find an up-to-date and informative resource.

If you assume that you have received your visa, it would make more sense to fly directly to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda which is another country, instead of going directly to the airport in the capital on the plane because of the dangers of terrorism in the capital. This is due to terrorism activities in the airports of Burundi. When you get to Kigali, it will be difficult to find a driver to cross the border and enter Burundi. Even the drivers will want to take you down a few kilometers before the border. In general, as they approach the border, they don’t want to get into a tense mood and go through the border, and you’ll probably only be the one who wants to enter the border. In general, a lot of people are trying to leave Burundi on the border, but there are no people who want to enter the border and this country will be the least developed country you see.