Shoe Brands by Countries

Shoe Brands by Countries. Did you know that Munich was a Spanish shoe brand? Or did you ever hear Hemah? Which one is your fav brand? Did you find in the list? If not, what are your fav shoe brands?

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Countries and Some of the Most Popular Shoe Brands


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Leder und Schuh

Humanic, Jello Shoe company, and Leder und Schuh are the most popular shoe brands in Austria.

Humanic is one of the most popular shoe brands in Austria. It opened its first store in 1907 in Vienna.

The other popular shoe brand in Austria is Jello Shoe company. Their first store was opened in 1989 in Wiener Neustadt.

Leder und Schuh is the other popular shoe brand in Austria. The company was founded in 1872.


Allen Edmonds is one of the most popular shoe brands in Belgium. It was founded in 1922 in Belgium. In 2016 the company sold it 90% of the shares to an investment firm Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison for $100 million.


ECCO is one of the most popular shoe brands in Denmark. It was founded in 1963 in Bredebro. Despite it started with only footwear the company expanded its products into leather products and accessories. In 2015 its revenue was 1.5 billion Euro in total.


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Hi-Tec, Red or Dead, Reebok, Solovair are the most popular shoe brands in England.

Hi-Tec was founded in 1974 by Frank van Wezel in England. In 2012, Hi-Tec’s V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe boot won a Best Buy Walking Boot award. Moreover, Hi-Tec’s ZUUK trainer shoe nominated by the Footwear Product of the Year 2013 at The Great Outdoors Awards. In addition to its success in the previous years, the UK based Hi-Tec office was announced Sports Footwear Brand of the Year 2014 and Outdoor Footwear Company of the Year 2013 at the Footwear Industry Awards.

Red or Dead is between in the popular shoe brands in Englands. In 1982 its story started with a stall opened by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway for selling their wardrobe. In one year they opened 16 stalls to sell second-hand clothes. Inspired by the Cold War Slogan “Better dead than red”;  the name of the brand is the inversion of the slogan. Also, it refers to Wayne’s “red Indian” ancestors. In 1998 the company was sold to Pentland Group and expanded its products into footwear, clothing, fashion handbags, optical frames, swimwear and “glorious gussets” hosiery.

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Founded in 1895 by Joe & Jeff Foster Reebok is one of the most popular shoe brands in England as well as in the world. The company operates as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005.

Solovair is a popular shoe brand, founded in 1881 that produces leather boots. Also, it is one of the few shoe brands remained in England that produces leather products.


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Adidas and Puma are the most popular shoe brands in Germany.

As well as in Germany, Adidas is a very famous shoe brand in all over the world. It was founded in 1949 in Germany as a multinational corporation. The name was coming from its founders, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler brothers. Finally, after a breakdown in between the brothers, Dassler created Adidas, and Rudolf; Puma. Therefore Puma became a competitor towards Adidas.


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Geox, Kappa, Lotto Sports Italia, Superga, Tod’s are the most popular shoe brands in Italy.

Founded in 1995, Geox is one of the most famous shoe brands in Italy. Its revenue was 850.1 million Euro in 2010.

As well as Geox, Kappa is one of the popular shoe brands of Italy.

Lotto Sports Italia was established in 1973 in Montebelluna and a famous shoe brand all over the world.

Established in 1911 in Italy by Walter Martiny Superga is not only popular in Italy but also it is in all over the world. Furthermore, Superga has stores in the United States, Europe, South America, and South Africa

Tod’s is a company that produces luxury shoes and leather goods. It was established in 1920 in Italy by Filippo Della Valle.

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