LTE Coverage by Country

LTE Coverage by Country. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the name given to high-speed wireless data transmission based on network technologies. Unlike connections like TE 2G or 3G, it is completely IP based.

A world map uses two shades to show where something is available or not, with a legend for reference.
LTE Coverage in the World

In the above map, you can see the countries where LTE technology is or not. While LTE technology is widely used in the Americas and Europe, it is used in only 3 countries in Africa. When we look at Asia, we can see many countries that do not have LTE technology.

The world’s first LTE network was launched by Ericsson at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 in Norway and Sweden.

Investigation of Coverage Areas by Countries


A color-coded map displays North and South American countries in shades of blue, yellow, and grey, representing various data levels.
LTE Coverage in America

South America and North America, particularly in the United States and Canada, LTE is being used at a high rate. The USA has a coverage rate of 86.50%, the fourth highest in the world. Canada has a coverage rate of 81.10%. Canada is followed by Mexico (69.04%), Peru (4) and Panama (5), respectively. Ecuador (41.69%) has the lowest coverage.

The first commercial LTE (4G) communications network in the United States was founded by Ericsson and operated in 2010.


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LTE Coverage in Europe

Europe is again showing itself as the continent with the highest level of development. As seen on the map, LTE is being used in Europe very high. Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia are countries that do not use LTE. Ireland has the lowest coverage and Norway has the highest coverage. Norway is also the first country in the world to switch to LTE technology. In addition to Norway, Lithuania and Netherlands have high coverage.

A bar graph titled "LTE Coverage Area" shows various countries' coverage percentages using yellow bars on a dark grid background.
Europe Coverage Graph


A color-coded map showing different regions in Asia and Australia, with a legend indicating various percentages.
LTE Coverage in Asia

There are many countries in Asia that do not use LTE. It is surprising that China is listed, but TDD is being used by China, because of the broadband range, more users per MHz are falling and the population is crowded, so they continue in this system. Because of these differences, it is beneficial to check the LTE frequencies while taking a phone call from China.

It is not surprising that the technology countries have the widest coverage of Japan and South Korea. At the same time, these two countries are the two countries with the highest coverage in the world. 1. North Korea is the 2nd japan.

A bar graph titled "LTE Coverage Area" shows countries' LTE coverage percentages, with highest bars near 100%.
Asia Coverage Graph

What are the LTE Speeds in the Countris Using This Technology?

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LTE Speed in the World

As speed, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and a few European countries are bouncing, and let’s examine closely the continents.


A color-coded map of Europe possibly indicating economic, climatic, or political variations.
LTE Speed in Europe

Norway and Hungary are Europe’s most attractive countries with internet speeds. Poland and Russia are emerging as two countries that have not benefited sufficiently from LTE technology. You can see the speed of European countries in the table.

A bar chart titled "LTE Speed" displays data in descending order with yellow bars. X-axis labels are unclear, y-axis shows speed.
Europe LTE Speed Graph


A map uses shades of blue to differentiate countries, with one country in red, indicating a unique ranking.
LTE Speed in Asia

South Korea, which has semi-annual LTE technology, also appears to be in the 1st place, so is it in the 1st place in the world?

A bar graph shows LTE speeds for different countries, labeled "LTE Speed", with yellow bars on a dark background.
Asia LTE Speed Graph

Singapore seems to have taken the 1st place from South Korea this time. We congratulate them, it must be pleasant to go around the internet at this rate.

Data Source: OpenSignal