Countries that Drink the Most Coffee

Coffee has been around for thousands of years, but many people don’t know that it’s one of the world’s most popular beverages. People consume over 400 billion cups around the world every year.

Ethiopians were the first to grow coffee before it found its way to Yemen. Ever since the world has been addicted to this dark caffeinated beverage.

Coffee houses have become community hubs where people go for social interactions – whether they be friends, strangers, or business deals.

One way to figure out how much countries around the world drink is to look at per capita coffee consumption. We can also consider how much a country drinks as a whole ( in general). Most countries on this list are all fairly self-explanatory when it comes to why they might drink an above-average amount of coffee.

Many factors contribute here including the climate, the number of nearby coffee-growing countries, and whether or not these countries have a high number of immigrants from caffeine-loving cultures.

Below is a list of the top 10 countries that drink the most coffee, followed by a list of countries’ top drinkers per capita.

People everywhere enjoy drinking coffee, but how much of it do people drink? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Countries That Drink the Most Coffee Overall

1. Brazil – 12.3 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

A map of Brazil partially covered with roasted coffee beans.
Brazil is the main producer and exporter of coffee. Brazil is also the biggest consumer of coffee in absolute volume.

The first large country on this list is Brazil. It’s also the country with the highest consumption of coffee in the world. Brazil produces 40% of all coffee worldwide. It has a temperate climate which is ideal for coffee growing, with the beans being harvested between September and December. Brazil also has a lot of immigrants from coffee-drinking cultures.

2. Germany – 10.6 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

Germany is a country in Europe that is known for its love of beer. However, Germans also consume coffee every day at a rate of 150 million cups. In Europe, Germany has the most coffee sales.

3. Italy – 9.6 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

Another European country that makes this list is Italy. Coffee has been an important part of Italian culture for centuries now. Even today, a social event is not considered an official social event if coffee isn’t involved. 

In Italy, there are 400,000 coffee bars where people go to socialize and enjoy a nice cup. Italians invented famous espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

4. France – 7 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

France makes the list because of its significant coffee culture. They have a café on almost every street, and there’s even an unoccupied table in a café that people will reserve by placing an object upon it. 

In France, coffee is a must-have when going out for breakfast or brunch with family or friends. Enjoy the famous cafe au lait, which simply means coffee with milk.

5. The U.S. – 6 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

It’s no surprise that the U.S. is on this list as well because Americans love both their coffee and their extravagant coffee drinks. On average, people in the U.S. drink 1.6 cups a day, which is way above the world average of one cup a day.

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With Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many other places to buy coffee in the U.S., it’s clear that Americans love drinking coffee.

6. Colombia – 4.86 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

Set of coffee beans and ground coffee in the shape of a South America map.

Colombia is one of the top coffee producers in the world. It’s the third-largest exporter of coffee in the world. This country is one of the few places where growers can harvest coffee beans twice a year. It’s not surprising that Colombia makes the list of top coffee drinking countries. Colombians drink about three cups of coffee a day.

7. Japan – 4 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

While the Japanese grow and love their tea, Japan is another country that’s incredibly particular about their coffee. The coffee here is very high quality, and the price reflects that. In Japan, coffee lovers have a variety of options when it comes to drinking coffee including brewed, pressed, siphoned, drip, and cold.

8. Turkey – 3.7 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

Turkish coffee is traditional in this country, and it’s consumed multiple times throughout the day. Coffee is mainly grown in Turkey on the Anatolian Plateau, which has very fertile soil for growing coffee beans. When you drink Turkish coffee, you will notice coffee grinds in the bottom of your cup.

9. Russia – 3 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

In Russia, coffee is usually served with dessert and is consumed in small cups. Since it’s such a popular drink, coffee consumption in Russia has been steadily increasing over the years.

10. Switzerland – 2.7 million 60-kg bags of coffee per year

The final spot on this list goes to Switzerland, a country that loves its coffee. The Swiss have so much coffee that they are among the top countries exporting it, only behind Vietnam and Germany. In Switzerland, drinking coffee is a very social thing to do. 

Top 10 Countries That Drink the Most Coffee Per Capita

1. Finland – 26 pounds of coffee per person per year

A variety of coffee products on shelves in a store, likely located in Finland.
Coffee on the shelves in a supermarket in Finland. The Finns consume 26 pounds (ca. 12 kg) of coffee per capita annually, putting them on top of the list of coffee consuming countries on a per-capita basis.

Finland is the number one country on this list, and it’s no surprise. Coffee is a huge part of their culture, with many Finns drinking several cups per day. Many Helsinki locals even drink five or more cups a day. Locals call coffee ‘kahvi,’ and their morning cup is a must, especially during wintertime.

2. Norway – 22 pounds of coffee per person per year

Norway is the second country on this list that drinks a lot of coffee per capita. Coffee is even said to be more popular than tea in Norway. It’s no wonder that Norwegians rank number one for heavy coffee drinkers, with 10% of the population drinking over 10 cups a day.

3. Iceland – 20 pounds of coffee per person per year

Coffee is so popular in Iceland that it’s not uncommon to hear that people who live there drink an average of four or five cups per day. Icelanders drink coffee instead of tea, and even when they party, it’s often with a cup of hot coffee in hand. The capital, Reykjavik, even has cafes on almost every street – mostly independent local shops – sorry Starbucks.

4. Denmark – 19 lbs pounds of coffee per person per year

The locals use coffee for “kaffeslabberas,” an informal social gathering where coffee and cake are offered. There are even claims that women in this nation drink more coffee than men, with over half of them drinking at least four cups every day. 

The Danish have the sixth most expensive coffee on the planet.

5. Netherlands – 19 pounds of coffee per person per year

The Dutch make the list because they drink a lot of coffee, with the average person drinking about five cups per day. The Dutch also love their coffee in specialty shops or cafes, not in the home like many other European countries.

6. Sweden – 18 pounds of coffee per person per year

The people of Sweden are the highest coffee consumers per capita in all of Europe. While many locals drink drip or filtered coffee, some opt for an espresso instead. They have Fika, which is an informal social gathering that’s centered around coffee.

7. Switzerland – 17 pounds of coffee per person per year

The Swiss drink a lot of coffee, and their cafe culture reflects heavy Italian influence. The Swiss even have a whole day devoted to coffee, called ‘Fasnacht,’ where they celebrate with a lot of drinks. The founder of Nespresso is from this country.

8. Belgium – 15 pounds of coffee per person per year

In this country, people drink coffee at breakfast and in cafes during the day. They’re also famous for drinking coffee with dessert at the end of a meal. The Belgians are big on Nespresso, with many cafes having machines in store. Thousands of coffee shops are here for your drinking pleasure.

9. Luxembourg – 14 pounds of coffee per person per year

Coffee is huge in Luxembourg, with the locals drinking every morning and evening. They also take their coffee very seriously, with many having it with cream or sugar. Locals buy their coffee in supermarkets and drink it at the cafe, where they socialize with friends. 

This tiny nation makes room for thousands of coffee houses.

10. Canada – 14 pounds of coffee per person per year

Countries that drink the most coffee per capita are not just in Europe. Canada has over 1,000 Tim Hortons cafes in the country. The Canadian love for coffee is probably due to the high per capita consumption of other hot beverages like hot chocolate and tea.

As you can see, coffee is loved by almost every country in the world. Here are a few quick tips to make an ideal cup of java:

  • Brew using water at the correct temperature – between 92 and 96 degrees.
  • Use filtered water – It makes a difference!
  • Grind the coffee on a medium-coarse setting
  • Sip your coffee slowly to experience its complex flavors.
  • Drink your coffee within 30 minutes of brewing it.

Enjoy your coffee break, no matter where you are on the world map.