The World’s Least Known and Least Visited Countries

Going to Europe, going to America, exploring Africa is the dream of many people. It is invaluable for many people to see new places and discover new cultures. But there is one thing: these places attract a lot of tourists every year in terms of the number of tourists. What about the other countries where tourists don’t come, maybe you’ll hear the name for the first time? Here are The World’s Least Visited and Least Known Countries.

A simplified world map in purple and white, focusing on continents with country names in small font.
World’s Least Known Countries

Although the number of tourists is quite difficult to estimate exactly, here are the least known countries in the world according to the nearest figures.

26. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

A coastal scene featuring a blue sea, a pier, thatched-roof structures on a beach, and a hill with colorful buildings.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are the 26th least visited countries in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 85,000 tourists visited the country.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are among the countries with the longest name in the world and therefore may be the first in the list of unrecognized countries. Like many countries in the region, it is one of the countries used as colonies in history. A country intertwined with nature filled with greenery.

The Vincy Mas festival in June and July is worth a visit. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself among the people who party. In addition, some parts of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ were shot here.

25. Liechtenstein

A picturesque small town with traditional buildings, a church spire, a hilltop castle, and snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

Liechtenstein is the 25th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 80,900 tourists visited the country.

The reason why Liechtenstein is so little visited is that it stays between two famous European countries and its surface area is quite small. In Austria and Switzerland, which have two neighbors, the sights and activities to be held are much more. Compared to other countries, Liechtenstein, which is very small, has very few night activities. The country is a country located in the Alps mountains and the views of the mountains are really great.

24. The Central African Republic

A group of people standing in a line outdoors, wearing various colorful clothes, with more individuals and trees visible in the background.

Timor-Leste is the least visited 24th country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 76,000 tourists visited the country.

There is an ongoing civil war in the country. The rebel groups can attack the crowded areas such as the airports. Therefore, it is not a preferred country to visit. Speaking French is an advantage.

Pygmy communities are not what you can see everywhere. You can also visit the village of these communities and experience new experiences in nature.

23. Dominica

A tropical beach scene with clear blue water, a sandy shore, boats on the sand, and lush greenery on a hillside in the background.

Dominica is listed as the 23rd country that has attracted the least number of visits in the world. According to 2017 estimates, 75,000 tourists visited the country.

The biggest reason that Dominica attracts few tourists is that it is quite difficult to get to the island. Although there are two airports, there are very few aircraft arriving here. There are no direct flights from Dominica to the United States.

But the fact that there are few tourists has made this place an attraction for world famous celebrities. It is quite an interesting option to discover new things in Dominica with its natural parks, volcanic hills, and the world’s second largest spas.

22. Timor-Leste

A picturesque beach at twilight with soft waves, a tree-covered hill on the right, and a vibrant sky above.

Timor-Leste is the 22nd least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 70,000 tourists visited the country.

Compared to the rest of the world, East Timor is a very unknown place and attracts fewer visitors because of its transportation difficulties. There are very few flights to Timor-Leste. You get your visa when you land at the airport.

Vans all over the country are almost a living vessel in the country. Diving here is pretty cool. In addition, you can stay in many luxury hotels and enjoy the unique view.

21. Djibouti

A serene beach with clear water, sandy shore with chairs, low-rise buildings possibly a resort, surrounded by greenery under a blue sky.

Djibouti is the 21st least visited country in the world and according to 2013 estimates, 63,000 tourists visited the country.

Djibouti, an African country, is one of the countries with the lowest surface area on the African continent and can be challenging to find on the map. Djibouti is one of the most unknown countries. The country is quite dry and incredibly hot. Those who want to visit the country need to take action on this issue. Diving in the country, visiting volcanic plateaus and exploring the mountains in the northern part of the country make this visit meaningful.

20. Sao Tome and Principe

A tropical beach with slanted palm trees, sandy shore, and rocky outcrops near the water's edge, with calm sea in the background.

Sao Tome and Principe is 20th among the least known countries in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 55,500 tourists visited the country.

Access to this country is really, really hard. The country used to be one of the largest cocoa suppliers. Impressive Portuguese architecture, colorful neighborhoods, unique fishing, and whale watching are all interesting points of interest in the country. Also the country man is very hospitable.

19. Sierra Leone

A group of people working in a large outdoor excavation site with visible soil and vegetation in the background.

Sierra Leone is the 19th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 51,000 tourists visited the country.

Transportation to the country is very difficult as it is only with boats. First of all, the weather in this country is great. Not hot enough to melt you, nor too cold to ruin your holiday. The hotel offers a wonderful mountain and sea view. The country is grappling with the Ebola epidemic as in many African countries.

18. Gine-Bissau

A group of people in colorful traditional African attire dancing and playing drums outdoors.

Guinea-Bissau is the 18th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 43,800 tourists visited the country.

The infrastructure in Guinea-Bissau is pretty bad and few airlines are launching here. It is not possible to see the traces of modern life in the country. The islands outside the capital are quite beautiful and the world is famous for its oysters. Old Portuguese architecture and cuisine are among the highlights of Guinea-Bissau.

17. Guinea

Two people are seen near water, seemingly collecting something in dim light, creating a silhouette effect.

Guinea is the 17th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 42,400 tourists visited the country.

The infrastructure problems of this lush country are quite high. So this place is not a center of attraction. In addition, the country is dealing with Ebola outbreaks and this is a situation that intimidates potential tourists. Especially watching the sunset on the beaches is quite a different and wonderful experience. Be prepared to see the unique hospitality. You can join the barbecue parties organized by the local people on weekends and taste the delicious local beers.

16. Tonga

A tropical beach features clear blue water, white sand, a small hut, green palm trees, and a partly cloudy blue sky.

Tonga is the 16th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 38,200 tourists visited the country.

Tonga is one of the rare countries that is fully governed by a monarchy. Buying tickets can be a challenge as it is difficult to spell the country’s capital, Nuku’alofa and the airport Fua ‘amotu. Hospitality here is very important. People are very friendly and helpful for tourists. Again you can establish a close relationship with people who can participate in the barbecue parties held here. Tonga has so many beautiful and fantastic beaches to be true.

15. Federated States of Micronesia

A clownfish swimming near sea anemones in a clear underwater environment.

The Federated States of Micronesia is the 15th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 35,000 tourists visited the country.

For those diving and surfing, this country is a perfect spot. In addition, there are a lot of recommendations to taste the seafoods here.

14. Mauritania

A person riding a camel in a desert setting.

Mauritania is the 14th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 35,000 tourists visited the country.

75% of the country is desert. So when you go to this country, it’s very normal that you see more sand than people. The country is one of the most backward countries in the world and is one of the least visited countries in the world. Tourists generally prefer Mauritania to take unique photographs.

13. Libya

A group of people standing on a destroyed tank with one person waving a flag with a red, black, and green design.

Libya is 13th among the least known countries in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 29,400 tourists visited the country.

Muammar Gaddafi may have gone, but his legacy still stands to some extent. Many bombings and attacks continue in the country. The government is working hard to increase the number of tourists, but it has not yet succeeded. The biggest reason for this is the fact that Libya is still mentioned in the world by war. In the coming years, the number of tourists in Libya is expected to increase at a high rate.

12. Comoros

A person wearing a hat stands on the right, looking out over a dense, green forest canopy.

Comoros is the 12th least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 27,000 tourists visited the country.

800,000 people live on this island, and the country in which these people have lived has seen the government coup or coup attempt 20 times since 1975. This unstable order should scare potential tourists. The country offers many opportunities for tourists to travel to volcanoes, diving, and sea voyages. Colorful markets are also included.

11. Solomon Islands

Four children in a canoe on a body of water with greenery in the background.

The Solomon Islands is 11th among the least known countries in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 25,000 tourists visited the country.

Compared to its neighbors Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Australia, Solomon Islands has little popularity. The country consists of 900 islands and hosts more than 230 tropical flowers. However, malaria is a major threat to tourists in the country. You can visit the country with unique beaches, waterfalls with rainforest and volcanoes and many lagoons you can dive with. So it’s a holiday paradise. In addition, you can buy fresh fish from the local markets and have a nice feast.

10. Liberia

Older African adults pose outdoors in traditional clothing, with a thatched-roof structure behind.
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Liberia is the 10th least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 24,000 tourists visited the country.

The name of the country is not known for its natural beauty, but unfortunately, it is remembered for the civil wars and the Ebola epidemic. Nevertheless, the name of the country’s presidency as a promising development is a woman named Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. There are many beaches and surfing areas in the country.

9. Afghanistan

A flock of pigeons in flight in a public square with people in the background and a building with a blue dome.

Afghanistan is the 9th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 13,300 tourists visited the country.

Afghanistan is not a country known as other countries on the list, but it is a country that is less visited. It is a fact that the number of tourists has been reduced by the regular bombings, terrorist attacks and hosting of the Taliban. But if the situation in Afghanistan is improved someday, Afghanistan offers many opportunities for visitors with its desolate mountains, wonderful landscapes and incredible history.

8. Turkmenistan

People in traditional attire walk in a parade, releasing green and red balloons, with classical buildings behind.

Turkmenistan is the 8th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, the country has been visited by 8,700 tourists.

Turkmenistan was a country that hosted hundreds of thousands of tourists before 2000. But the country’s tight policies have pushed the country towards becoming North Korea. Although life in the country is easy for the citizens of Turkmenistan, this is not the case for foreign visitors. As a country that prefers to live within itself because of its political stance, Turkmenistan imposes some rules on its visitors. It is forbidden to take photos in the capital, to drink alcohol and cigarettes in open areas and to go out after 23.00 at night.

7. Kiribati

A group in feathered headpieces and grass skirts dance on stage, focusing on a smiling, dancing young girl.

Kiribati is the 7th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 7,600 tourists visited the country.

Kiribati is one of the least known countries in the world. Kiribati is one of the poorest countries in the world. The lack of natural resources is the main reason for this. The economy of the country survives by utilizing aid funds. Unlike countries in our list, Kiribati is very safe for travel.

6. Equatorial Guinea

A dense, lush green forest with a small stream running through it, with misty mountains in the background.

Equatorial Guinea is the 6th least visited country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, the country has been visited by 5,700 tourists.

If you are an American citizen you can easily enter and leave the country, but if you are not one of the most difficult countries to enter. Although the entrance to the country is difficult, it is definitely a place to see. Since the tourism infrastructure is not very good, it will be a trip to taste both holiday taste and adventure for you. There is an important point to be aware of; photo prohibited in the country.

5. South Sudan

A group of people standing behind a fence, some waving flags, in an outdoor setting.
South Sudan’s fans cheer after South Sudan scored a second goal during their first round African Nations Championship qualifying football match against Somalia at Juba Football Stadium on April 30, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Albert Gonzalez Farran (Photo credit should read ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

South Sudan is the 5th among the least known countries in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 5,500 tourists visited the country.

There is a civil war in the country, and being there as a tourist is not something that every person can want. Although there is a civil war, people are as warm as possible. Photography is prohibited in this country. For this reason, you need to keep your phone in good condition or take a very secret picture.

4. Marshall Islands

Two people snorkeling underwater, one closer to the camera, with sunlight filtering through the surface of the water.

The Marshall Islands is the 4th least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 4,600 tourists visited the country.

Because this country is entering the category of unknown islands. The islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so it can be said that transportation is difficult. Between 1946 and 1958, America made a lot of nuclear bombs here. More than 1,000 species of fish and 250 species of coral are surrounded by these islands. So you can have breakfast with fish in the morning, you can sleep by looking at the corals in the evening.

3. Tuvalu

A narrow road leading through a coastal landscape with the ocean on one side and lush greenery on the other, under a partly cloudy sky.
FUNAFUTI, TUVALU – AUGUST 15: A narrow causeway at the north end of the island with the lagoon (L) and ocean (R) on August 15, 2018 in Funafuti, Tuvalu. The small South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is striving to mitigate the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels of 5mm per year since 1993, well above the global average, are damaging vital crops and causing flooding in the low lying nation at high tides. Sea water rises through the coral atoll on the mainland of Funafuti and inundates taro plantations, floods either side of the airport runway and affects peoples homes. The nation of 8 inhabited islands with an average elevation of only 2m above sea level is focusing on projects to help it and its people have a future. Four of the outer islands are 97% solar energy dependent and the Tuvalu Government is working to achieve 100% renewable energy from wind and solar by 2025. Tuvalu’s 11,000 inhabitants see the effects of climate change in their daily life. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images for Lumix)

Tuvalu is the third least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 1,200 tourists visited the country.

Propeller airplanes from Fiji come here twice a week and this is the only way to get here fast. This country is a unique country and unlike many other countries, people are very warm and welcome. Also, as the departures will notice, this place is very authentic. If you are going to go here don’t forget to take cash with you because there are no credit cards.

2. Somalia

A distressed person stands before a damaged building with debris and smoke, indicating recent disaster.

Somalia is the second least known country in the world, and according to 2017 estimates, 400 tourists visited the country.

The country is dealing with internal problems and terrorism. War, lack of government, Sharia rules do not make the country very attractive for tourists. Mogadishu is now in a safer position than in other places, and many businesses have reopened. Terrorist groups are putting everything in order to take over the country. Recently, the government has improved and many airlines have listed Mogadishu on their charts.

1. Nauru

A scenic beach with white sand, rock formations in the shallow water, and a blue sky with clouds.

Nauru is the least visited country in the world and according to 2017 estimates, 160 tourists visited the country.

Nauru is among the smallest countries in the world. This island has 21 square kilometers and 10,000 inhabitants. There are only two hotels in the country and there is no capital in the country. The most attractive point for tourists visiting the country is to be at the least visited point in the world.