San Marino Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the San Marino Flag

The San Marino flag consists of two equal horizontal bands, white on the top and light blue on the bottom. The national coat of arms of the country is centered where both colored columns meet. The coat of arms consists of three separate towers on the top of three different hills, the royal crown, the Christian pilgrim, the tree branches and the Liberto (freedom). The blue stripe represents the sky, while the white stripe represents the snow cover and clouds surrounding the Titano Mountain.

San Marino Flag Map
San Marino Flag Map

History of the San Marino Flag

The oldest approved flag of San Marino dates back to September 4, 1465, when it was commissioned by a manufacturer in Florence. This flag was composed of the old San Marino emblem depicted on the white strip and three orange, white and purple horizontal stripes. It is not known when the current state flag of the Republic or the white-blue two-color flag arises. In 1797, the Supreme Council of the Republic, most likely influenced by the reform wave in France, used a white and blue cockade, the same as that used by the French revolutionaries, either by chance or by no means.

The current flag was adopted by the Supreme Council Resolution on April 6, 1862, and since then little detail has changed in its coat of arms and some flag rates. The root of the blue and white colors originates from the armament dating back to the 14th century. San Marino was founded in 301 and is said to have been the oldest state in existence ever since. In San Marino, there is a civilian flag that is common all over the world. It’s the same as the national flag, but it doesn’t have a coat of arms.

Neighboring Countries of San Marino

Neighboring Countries of San Marino
Neighboring Countries of San Marino

It is located on a small hill in the Apennine Mountains in the Italian peninsula in southern Europe. The four sides are also surrounded by Italy. It is one of the five micro-states of Europe.

Main Characteristics of San Marino

San Marino is a European country built on a large rock that rises in the middle of the plain. The Three Towers of San Marino are in the flag and coat of arms of the country. The capital is San Marino, with the same name as the country. The official language of the country is Italian. Euro is used as currency.

The Mediterranean climate prevails. Summers are hot, winters are warm.

CountrySan Marino
CodeSM (SMR)
Calling Code378
Capital CitySan Marino
Currencyeuro (EUR)
Emoji Symbol🇸🇲
Highest PointMonte Titano (755 m)
Total Area61 km2