Honduras Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Honduras Flag

Flag of Honduras consists of three horizontal stripes divided into three equal parts by blue, white and blue.

One of the blue stripes symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean and the other represents the Pacific Ocean. The five stars on the white strip in the middle represent the five countries in the Central American Confederation. The middle star represents Honduras. The others are Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Honduras Flag Map and Meaning 1
Honduras Flag Map

History of the Honduras Flag

The national flag of Honduras was adopted on 7 March 1866 on the basis of the flag of the Central American Federal Republic. In 1823, Honduras joined United States of Central America and accepted his flag. In 1866 the flag was changed and five stars were placed in the center to represent the five original Central American provinces. The colors and pattern are the same as the United States of America flag. The ships of the Honduras Navy are used to replace the five-star emblem with Honduras’ coat of arms, with five small turquoise stars placed under the coat of arms.

Neighboring Countries of Honduras

Honduras Flag Map and Meaning 2

Located in Central America. It is neighbor to Guatemala in the west, El Salvador in the southwest and Nicaragua in the southeast.

Main Characteristics of Honduras

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Banana and coffee production contributes greatly to the national economy. More than half of the population lives in rural areas. In the capital Tegucigalpa, historical monuments from the Mayans are located. Apart from the official language of Spanish, the local languages Miskito and Garifuna are also spoken. The currency is Lempira.

The north coast is low and very warm. The eastern region has plenty of rain. There are two seasons, rainy winter and dry summer. Spice use is also quite common in Honduras. Tortilla made from corn or wheat flour is one of the most consumed foods. Plato tipico called rice is among the important dishes.

CodeHN (HND)
Calling Code504
Capital CityTegucigalpa
Currencyhonduran lempira (HNL)
Emoji Symbol🇭🇳
Highest PointCerro Las Minas (2,870 m)
Internet TLD.hn
Total Area112,088 km2