Egypt Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Egypt Flag

Flag of Egypt is the flag used by Egypt. The 3-color flag consists of 3 strips of horizontal red, white and black color. The white stripe of the flag has an Egyptian coat of arms. The current flag was adopted on 4 October 1984.

Red represents the spilled blood, the white color represents honesty and peace, and the black describes the oppression and persecution of the people.

Egypt Flag Map and Meaning 1
Egypt Flag Map

History of the Egypt Flag

In 1805 Mehmed Ali Pasha issued an edict for the determination of the Egyptian flag. This flag would be part of the story of the motherland striving for development and progress. The first flag is inspired by the oldest flags, the flag of the Ottoman Empire, and in the middle of the red ground is a crescent and a pentagonal star. The second flag is designed as an independent Egyptian flag by Ismail the Magnificent. There were three crescents on this red flag and a star on the front of each crescent. Each of the stars represented conquests in Europe, Asia, and Africa on three continents.

In 1952 the Kingdom was proclaimed as Egypt became conditional-independence from England. In 1923, with the order of the king, the first national flag of Egypt was formed. The base of the flag is green, there are three white stars in the middle of the white crescent. The stars symbolize the three religious beliefs in Egypt, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The crescent symbol in the flag symbolizes the religion of the kingdom, namely Islam, as well as the indivisible integrity of the whole Egyptian people. In this process, the Royal Anthem emerges and becomes private with the special melody even at weddings.

Birth of the New Republic

With the birth of the new republic, a new era begins in the Egyptian flag. The color and philosophy of the flag change. With this change, the story of the three black and white colors begins. In the middle of the white color, there is a picture of an eagle with a crescent and a green shield with three stars. The meaning of the three stars and the crescent is as in the Old Story. The red color symbolized the Free Officers Movement, while the white color was inspired by Egypt and the black color by ancient Egypt or the Kingdom and the monarchy.

In 1958, the picture of the eagle is replaced by a two-star pentagon on the green. This was the flag that united Egypt and Syria. In 1961, the dream ends between the two countries, but the flag continues to fluctuate after the end of the union. In Egypt, the establishment of the national army and liberation movements begin. The march called “Walla Zaman Ya Selahy” is played as the national anthem in this period.

This anthem was written by Salah Jahin in 1956 for the reading of the famous Egyptian singer Oum Kolthoum. The unity dream becomes real again. Egypt is united under the name of Libya and Syria and the Federation of Arab Republics, and the flag is placed in Hawk of Quraish instead of the star. The national anthem is changed again. Egyptian national anthem, “My Homeland, You Have My Love and My Heart” written by Egyptian leader Mustafa Kamil Pasha and composed by Sayed Darwish, is considered as the national anthem.

After the dissolution of the Federation, the broad-shouldered eagle of Salahuddin Ayyubi (Saladin), whom the Egyptians had met in 1954, before the expedition on 4 October 1984, returns and takes the place in the middle of the banner with his wings half open, looking to the right. This flag is still used today.

In spite of everything, the flags used by Egypt so far have been symbolized by a different meaning each time black and white and red colors are not changed. The meanings attributed to colors are as follows; the red color symbolizes Egypt’s bright art, white color is the pure and clean character of the Egyptian people, and the black color symbolizes the situation and oppression of the Egyptian people.

Neighboring Countries of Egypt

Egypt Flag Map and Meaning 2

Egypt is a country located in the Middle East. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Egypt is located on the Asian continent and is adjacent to the Palestinian Peninsula through the Sinai Peninsula.

Main Characteristics of Egypt

The world known Egypt with its pyramids and deep-rooted history has a history of 7 thousand years.

The Pyramid of Keops, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located in Egypt. Capital City Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world and Africa. It is the heart of the country in artistic, touristic and cultural terms. The official language is Arabic. The Egyptian pound is used as currency.

The climate is warm and dry. Two seasons are seen. The winter months are not hard, but rather soft. In the south, the temperature which is 43 degrees decreases to 15 degrees in winter. The temperature difference between day and night in the country is also quite high.

CodeEG (EGY)
Calling Code20
Capital CityCairo
Currencyegyptian pound (EGP)
Emoji Symbol🇪🇬
Highest PointMount Catherine (2,629 m)
Total Area980,869 km2