🇨🇲 Cameroon Flag Unveiled: Colors, Meaning, Coat of Arms, Flag Map, and Similar Flags

The flag of Cameroon is a symbol of the nation’s rich heritage and vibrant culture. With its bold colors and distinctive design, it reflects the resilience and harmony of the Cameroonian people. This emblem embodies the country’s past struggles, present strengths, and future aspirations, proudly representing Cameroon on the global stage.

Cameroon Flag

The official flag of Cameroon
The official flag of Cameroon

The flag of Cameroon is distinguished by its simple yet meaningful design. It consists of three vertical stripes of equal width, colored green, red, and yellow, from left to right. At the center of the red stripe sits a solitary five-pointed star, known as the ‘star of unity.’

The flag’s layout represents the country’s journey towards unity and progress, a symbol carried with pride since its adoption. The design’s straightforwardness masks a deeper national character and collective aspiration narrative.

Cameroon Flag: Color Palette



RGB: 0, 122, 94

CMYK: 100, 0, 23, 52



RGB: 206, 17, 38

CMYK: 0, 92, 82, 19



RGB: 252, 209, 22

CMYK: 0, 17, 91, 1

Cameroon's territory, filled with the colors of the national flag
Cameroon’s territory, filled with the colors of the national flag.

Cameroon Flag Emoji: 🇨🇲

The color palette of the Cameroon flag is a deliberate selection of hues, each chosen to embody distinct aspects of the nation and environment. This trio of colors forms a vibrant and symbolic mosaic, laying the foundation for a deeper exploration of their meanings and significance.

Meaning of Each Color

Children proudly wave Cameroon's flag during the vibrant Bafoussam festival
Children proudly wave Cameroon’s flag during the vibrant Bafoussam festival.


The color green is a nod to Cameroon’s agricultural richness and the hope for a prosperous and sustainable future. Green’s presence in the flag highlights the importance of the environment and natural resources in Cameroon’s cultural and economic life.


Red is a powerful color, universally associated with strength, courage, and sacrifice. For Cameroon, red symbolizes unification, independence, and sovereignty and reflects the bloodshed and struggles faced during the fight for freedom, serving as a reminder of the resilience and determination of the Cameroonian people.

Yellow (Stripe)

Yellow is often linked with the sun, vitality, and wealth, representing the bright sun and prosperity in Cameroon’s flag. It also represents the savannahs in the northern part of the country and symbolizes these regions’ natural beauty and resources.

Yellow (Five-Pointed Star)

The star at the flag’s center is an emblem of the harmonious coexistence of Cameroon’s diverse cultural and geographic regions. This star emphasizes the importance of national unity and the collective identity of Cameroonians, bridging the diverse elements of the nation’s cultural tapestry.

Cameroon Coat of Arms

Cameroon Coat of Arms, embodying the nation's values and history
Cameroon Coat of Arms, embodying the nation’s values and history.

The Cameroon coat of arms features a shield with the same color pattern as the flag, including a map of the nation at its center, and is flanked by two crossed faces.

Since 1984, the scales of justice have been superimposed over the map, signifying the country’s commitment to justice and law. The coat of arms is surmounted by the motto “Peace-Work-Fatherland,” encapsulating the nation’s values and aspirations.

The inclusion of the geographical outline of Cameroon and the sword and scales of justice highlights the country’s sovereignty, legal integrity, and historical journey.

The coat of arms symbolizes the nation’s identity, blending historical roots, natural wealth, and a vision for a peaceful and prosperous future.

Historical Evolution and the Meaning Behind Changes

Flag of the Federal Republic of Cameroon (1961–1975)
Flag of the Federal Republic of Cameroon (1961–1975), a glimpse into history.

The Cameroon flag’s evolution reflects the country’s transition from colonial rule to independence. During colonial times, Cameroon used the flags of its colonial powers.

After independence, the first national flag featured green and yellow stripes with two black stars, symbolizing the union of French and British territories. Later, the design changed to the current green, red, and yellow vertical stripes with a single yellow star in the red stripe.

This redesign represented the unified nation, with the “star of unity” emphasizing sovereignty and national harmony. The flag’s evolving design mirrors Cameroon’s historical journey towards self-determination.

Overall Symbolic Meaning of the Flag

Cameroon flag pin, at the location of Cameroon in Central Africa
Cameroon flag pin, at the location of Cameroon in Central Africa.

The flag of Cameroon stands as a powerful emblem, embodying the country’s journey to a self-determined nation. The arrangement of its elements and the central star emphasizes the harmonious blending of Cameroon’s culture and geography. In its entirety, it narrates a story of consonance and hope of Cameroon’s people.

Similar Flags to the Flag of Cameroon

Several flags resemble Cameroon’s, reflecting common historical and cultural themes. Here are the top three similar flags


The flag of Senegal, a symbol of shared Pan-African identity with Cameroon
The flag of Senegal, a symbol of shared Pan-African identity with Cameroon.

Senegal’s flag parallels Cameroon’s Pan-African color scheme and the symbolic use of a star. Although different in color and placement, the star in Senegal’s flag echoes the theme in Cameroon’s ‘star of unity.’ This reflects a shared vision of progress within the African continent.


The flag of Mali, resembling Cameroon's common bond in the quest for African unity and independence
The flag of Mali, resembling Cameroon’s common bond in the quest for African unity and independence.

Mali’s flag, like Cameroon’s, employs the Pan-African colors, underscoring a common historical narrative among African nations. The simplicity of Mali’s design, devoid of additional symbols, highlights a similar focus and the collective African identity, resonating with the symbolic meaning of Cameroon’s flag.


Guinea's flag,  underlining shared values and histories with Cameroon
Guinea’s flag, underlining shared values and histories with Cameroon.

Guinea’s flag, with its Pan-African colors arranged differently, still shares the thematic essence with Cameroon’s flag. The colors represent a mutual heritage of struggle for independence and a vision for a prosperous future. This alignment in symbolism points to a shared experience and aspirations among African nations, mirrored in their national flags.


The flag of Cameroon is a poignant symbol of the nat, resilience, and heritage. Its colors narrate the country’s rich history and natural beauty, while the star represents unity among its diverse cultures. In the global tapestry of flags, Cameroon stands out for its unique symbolism and the pride it instills in its citizens.