Guinea Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Guinea Flag

Guinea flag consists of three strips vertically. The colors are red, yellow and green Pan-African colors, respectively, and the shape of the flag is inspired by France’s vertical tricolor flag.

While the red color symbolizes the blood flowing in the struggle for sweat and independence in the country, the yellow color represents the sun, the belief in justice and the country’s underground mineral wealth. The green color on the fluctuating side of the flag symbolizes the country’s fertile vegetation and the solidarity of its citizens in the development of the country’s national economy.

Guinea Flag Map
Guinea Flag Map

History of the Guinea Flag

Guinea, who gained its independence in 1958, was French colony before that date. After gaining independence, Guinea started to use his own flag and designed his first flag. This flag was almost identical to the current flag of pan-African colors. In the middle of the yellow stripe of the flag, was the coat of arms of Ahmed Sékou Touré, Guinea’s first president. The rope was composed of a green elephant on a shield separated into two colors, yellow and red.

When the country’s president changed after the death of Ahmed Sékou Touré in 1984, the emblem also changed. The elephant was removed and a new rigging was introduced, showing the rifle and the sword. On December 23, 1993, the Guinean government decided to remove the rifle and the sword from the coat. The emblem of Guinea is not used on the civilian flag. Therefore, since the country gained its independence and flag in 1958, it has been used without changing the flag. This flag is almost the same as the Rwanda flag used from 1961 to 2001.

Neighboring Countries of Guinea

Neighboring Countries of Guinea
Neighboring Countries of Guinea

It is located in West Africa. It is neighbor to Senegal and Guinea Bissau to the north, Sierra Leone and Liberia to the south, Mali and Ivory Coast to the east. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean.

Main Characteristics of Guinea

The Republic of Guinea was named after the Berbers in the area between the south of the Sahara Desert and the Gulf of Guinea. It means ’the country of blacks‘. The country has a young population. The majority live in the capital. The capital is Conakry. It is the most developed city in the country. Although the official languages are French, the most spoken language is Fulanese. They use the Guinea franc as currency.

A tropical climate prevails. The average annual temperature varies between 22 and 32 degrees. From April to November is the Monsoon rain season. Between November and April is a dry period. The main food used in country cuisine is beef. One of the most popular dishes is Guinea rice. Sea products are also very consumed foods.

CodeGN (GIN)
Calling Code224
Capital CityConakry
Currencyguinean franc (GNF)
Emoji Symbol🇬🇳
Highest PointMont Nimba (1,752 m)
Total Area245,857 km2