What is the Capital of Tanzania?

Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania. Dodoma was established in the middle of the steppes in the central part of Tanzania. Dodoma is located 453 kilometers west of the former capital of Dar es Salaam.

What is the Capital of Tanzania? 1
Where is Dodoma?

When did Dodoma Become the Capital?

Dodoma was founded in 1907 by the German colonies during the construction of the Tanzania Central Railway, which means that the city’s history is quite new. In 1974, following a nationwide referendum, the government of Tanzania announced that the capital would be moved from Dar es Salaam to a more central location in order to create important social and economic developments for the central region and centralize domestic capital.

The capital of the country was the city of Dar es Salaam before, but in 1974 it was decided that Dodoma should be the capital because of its centrality and development compared to other cities. After this decision was made, an American architect was assigned to make the necessary arrangements in the city, but things did not go as planned. Therefore, many of the state buildings are still in the old capital today.

Features of Dodoma

Dodoma has a population of 410,956 according to 2012 data. Dodoma has an area of 2,576 square kilometers. The climate here is considered to be a local steppe climate. It is possible to see a warm weather throughout the year. The lowest temperatures throughout the country are around 13 degrees in June. Tanzania is not a country with much rainfall, but it is entering a period of rain and drought due to steppe climate. The expected period of precipitation is between April and November. It is very unlikely to see rain in the other months.

Let us say that there are three ethnic groups in Dodoma. These are Gogo (Wagago), Warangi and Sandawe.

Important Places to See in Dodoma

Since Dodoma does not have a long history, it is not possible to see many historical buildings in the city. The most important buildings in Dodoma are Jamhuri Stadium, Muammar Gaddafi Mosque and Tanzanian Parliament Building.

You can start your trip with a look at the city from above. You should go to Simba Hill, also known as Lion Rock. Simba Hill is located in the southern part of the city and is a place visited by tourists. No matter how popular it is, many thefts have been reported here before. Therefore, tourists are recommended to go in groups, not alone. If you decide to go here, we recommend that you find someone to come with you instead of going alone. We remind you to pay attention to your valuables with you and to check your bag from time to time.

The Parliament Building, which was built in the city after Dodoma became the capital, and Bunge la Tanzania in its original name is one of the must-see places in Dodoma. A special permission is required to see the inside of the Parliament Building. Tourists who do not want to deal with leave usually prefer to see the building from the outside. It is also forbidden to take photos here for any reason, which is one of the things you should keep in mind.

Another place to see is the Gaddafi Mosque. The mosque was built in 2010 and attracts the attention of Muslim tourists in particular. The mosque is one of the largest mosques in Africa and is also a place where 4.500 people can worship at the same time.