What is the Capital of Rwanda?

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda on the African continent. Kigali is known for being safe, peaceful and clean compared to other countries on the African continent.

What is the Capital of Rwanda? 1

Where is Kigali?
Kigali is located just south of the Equator line in the central part of the country.

When Did Kigali Become the Capital?

Kigali was founded in 1907 as a German colony. The city was part of the German East Africa until 1916, and in 1922 it became part of the Rwanda-Urundi region in the mandate system of the National Assembly under Belgian rule. Kigali became the capital of Rwanda in 1962 as a result of their independence as Rwanda and Burundi in both regions.

The beginning of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and applied to the Tutsi was in Kigali. As a result of these 100-day genocides, more than 1,000,000 people have died in Rwanda, including 100,000 in Kigali.

Features of Kigali

Kigali has a population of 1,132,686 according to 2012 data. Kigali has a surface area of 730 square kilometers. In the capital, where green vegetation is dominant, the highest peak is 850 meters above sea level, while in the valleys this rate is 1,300 meters. Located just south of the equator, the city has a mild climate throughout the year. The temperature of the region is 15 ° C and 28 ° C throughout the year.

Rwanda’s economy, culture, and transportation center in terms of the city have seen a remarkable development in recent years.

According to international observers, Kigali ranks among the safest capitals in Africa. A tourist visiting the city for the first time has difficulty believing that one of the bloodiest genocides in history took place only 23 years ago.

Tourists in many African countries are advised not to go out on the street at night, but this is the opposite in Kigali. Foreign tourists are able to walk alone on the streets late at night.

There is a security point in the city every 100 meters. The policemen and soldiers serving at these points make the citizens feel comfortable with their friendly and kind behaviors. Since most of the people living in Kigali have lost a relative in the genocide, people in social life take special care not to use the word “Hutu” and “Tutsi”. Instead, “Rwandan” top identity is highlighted.

Important Places to See in Kigali

In Kigali, where you will meet natural life and people who do not break with nature, do not think that you will be intertwined with very modern and rich lives. Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in Africa. You can see adobe slums and barefoot children on the streets. So much so that half of the people in the house, let alone television and computer radio. There are places to see in Kigali where you will meet a different world as well as a different country.

Places to see in Kigali; Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, Lake Kivu and Kandt House Museum of Natural History.