What is the Capital of Norway?

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is among the most expensive cities in the world.

Oslo the Capital of Norway
What is the capital of Norway? It’s Oslo!
Oslo. Europe on a geography map
Oslo, Norway on a geography map

When did Oslo Become the Capital?

Oslo town hall from the sea, Oslo, Norway
Oslo town hall from the sea, Oslo, Norway

Oslo was founded by Harald Hardråde in 1049, as understood from the Norwegian epics. Archaeological studies in recent times have revealed Christian remains dating back 1,000 years in Oslo. This was celebrated in 2000 in honor of Oslo’s 1000th anniversary.

Oslo was regarded as the capital city by the dynasty of Haakon V of Norway (1299-1319), the first king to permanently reside in the city. In this period, Håkon V started the construction of the famous Akershus Fortress which is located in Oslo port today.

A century later, Norwegian residence in Copenhagen, the residence of the ruling kingdom in its union with Denmark. Thus, Oslo, which has lost its importance, has been reduced to an ordinary administrative unit for a long time.

Oslo is a city that has been severely damaged during fires throughout history. After the 14th great catastrophic disaster, the Christian IV of Denmark of that period gave its name to Christiania in 1624 and ordered the re-establishment of the bay city near Akershus Fortress. The part of the city built after 1624 was called Kvadraturen.

However, Christiania has long since regained some of the benefits it had previously missed with commercial gains and has become a major trading and cultural center in Norway. When the union with Denmark was established in 1814, the city would once again become a real capital.

The city became Norway’s most popular city when Norway strengthened against Bergen, another important city. Called Kristiania in 1878 with a new name change, the city of Oslo, which was called Oslo in 1925.

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Features of Oslo

As of 2018, Oslo has a population of 658,390. The surface area is 454 square kilometers. Although the country is located in the north, the oceanic climate, which is humid and quite warm, prevails.

The hot water Gulf Stream stream, which comes from the western winds of the Atlantic Ocean, prevents coastal areas from decreasing in winter temperatures. As a matter of fact, the temperature is around 5 C in the middle of January in Bergen. It has the most strange climate characteristic of the world. Snowy weather prevails throughout the winter country.

Scandinavia is the 4th largest and Norway is the largest city. At the same time, Oslo is the name of the province in which it is located. The city’s famous food is salmon fish. It is quite easy to observe that a large number of immigrants live in the Oslo.

Situated in immaculate streets, living in harmony with people of different ethnic origins is also a very important situation. The level of education in the city and the dominance of foreign language is high.

Overall, Oslo is an important capital city that must be seen and experienced in terms of architectural and living standards, even though it is a cold and expensive city. Oslo, which has hosted many negotiations politically, is also an interesting center with its squares and buildings.

Important Places to See in Oslo

Oslo Opera House
Oslo Opera House

Long nights and daytime city Oslo is not a city to go to, perhaps. It’s more of a stop before exploring the wilderness of Norway. The fjords during the summer, the northern lights during winter are the main destinations of Norway.

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Oslo can be considered as a place where urbanization has just begun. It’s a quiet place before they find oil. Now, with a high level of prosperity, it is a place that fascinates most people’s dreams. At the beginning of the places to be seen when going to Oslo; National Gallery, Karl Johans Gate, Royal Palace, National Theater and Oslo Opera House.