What is the Capital of Lesotho?

Maseru is the capital of Lesotho. Surrounded by South Africa, the country’s capital is located on the South African border. The city is the largest city of Lesotho.

What is the Capital of Lesotho? 1
Where is Maseru?

Located in the border region to the west of the country, there is not much rises in the city, but the steppe vegetation is dominant. Economically, agriculture and animal husbandry have a great place in the city.

When did Maseru Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Lesotho? 2

Maseru was founded by the British in 1869 as a small police camp after the end of the Free State-Basotho Wars, where Basutoland was the British protector.

Maseru initially served as the administrative capital of the state between 1869-1871 before the Basutoland administration was handed over to Cape Colony. The ruling between 1871 and 1884 was governed by ill-treatment, including many in the region, which in 1881 led to the Battle of the Arms and the burning of many buildings in Maseru.

In 1884 Basutoland became the crown colony and Maseru became the capital again. When Basutoland gained independence and became Lesotho Kingdom in 1966, Maseru remained the capital of the country.

Features of Maseru

What is the Capital of Lesotho? 3

According to Maseru 2016 data, it has a population of 519,186. Maseru has a surface area of 138 square kilometers. The summers are hot and rainy, while the winters are cold and dry. The difference between day and night temperatures is high. These differences are increasing in higher places. The average temperature in the summer period of December – March is around 22 degrees. From time to time temperatures rise up to 33 degrees. Between June and September, the average temperature is around 9 degrees. However, in this period, the air temperature may fall below zero. The rainy season is the period of October – April. However, most rainfall months are October and November.

Maseru offers traditional African cuisine as well as many western restaurants. Meat and fish have a great place in the city cuisine.

Although Maseru is a safe city, the incidents of theft and pickpocketing are increasing at night. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not walk in the secluded streets and use a taxi if you are long. You can stroll around the city with a reliable guide who knows the city. Guidance fees are not very high. As with other African countries, malaria and HIV are the biggest problems in the country. Yellow Fever Hepatitis B-A is one of the most common diseases in the country. According to the report of the World Health Organization, the country is among the top 5 countries with HIV. One in four people in the country has the HIV virus.

Important Places to See in Maseru

What is the Capital of Lesotho? 4

There are many activities you can do during the day. You can also play tennis at Lesotho National Tennis Courts, and play golf at Maseru Golf Course with instructors. You can also enjoy canoeing on the Caledon River and enjoy canoeing in groups and climb the various hills and mountains around the city to enjoy the unique sunset.

While visiting the city center, you can visit the Mokorotlo Monument and Museum, one of the most important monuments of the country. Since it is a small country, it is recommended to go to the surrounding areas. Among them, you can go to Semonkong Waterfalls, which run down from 200 meters. In the summer, you can swim in the area where this waterfall falls. In winter, these waterfalls are generally frozen. Katse Valley is also one of the must-see places. You can visit the protected Dinosaur Footprints close to the cities of Moyeni and Morija.