What is the Capital of Belize?

Belmopan is the capital of Belize. The old capital, Belize City, was destroyed by a strong hurricane in 1961 and the country’s capital was moved to Belmopan.

What is the Capital of Belize? 1
Where is Belmopan?

Belmopan, which has been the capital of Belize since 1970, has a population of 22,500 people. On October 31, 1961, in the Hurricane Hattie blowing at a speed of 300 km / h, 70% of the houses in the coastal region of the former capital of Belize City were demolished and the city was destroyed and moved to Belmopan. With this feature, Belmopan can be called the capital after the disaster.

When did Belmopan Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Belize? 2

Belmopan is located in a more protected area since it is located at a distance of 76 meters above sea level, further away from the sea. Belmopan was founded in the Belize River valley at the foot of Pine Ridge Mountain.

The negative effects of this hurricane, especially active in Belize City in 1961, revealed the necessity of changing the capital. Belmopan was a very small settlement at that time, and in 1967 it was started to be the capital and was completed in 1970. With the money of that time, building Belmopan as a capital cost 40 million Belize dollars, 20 million American dollars.

Features of Belmopan

What is the Capital of Belize? 3

Belmopan has a population of 13,939 according to 2010 data. Belmopan has a surface area of 32.78 square kilometers. The city is as warm as it is all across the country. In summer, the average temperature is 26 degrees. In winter, the average air temperature is 22 degrees. The average temperature difference between the hottest month of the year and the coldest month is only 5 degrees.

The crime rate in Belmopan is very low. Another side of this city is that it is very quiet and you can go out and visit easily at any time of the day. The most important factor in this is that the city has a very small population. Since the city is very small, you can easily walk around. No tap water in the city.

The dishes in this city are mainly seafood, chicken, beans, and rice as well as throughout the country. There are many restaurants in Belmopan where Belize dishes are mostly Chinese.

Important Places to See in Belmopan

What is the Capital of Belize? 4

Belmopan is a very nice spot for trekking and visiting the market plazas. There are also many opportunities for nature tours and trekking. Belize Archives Department is a museum of earthquake archives in Belmopan and is very interesting. In addition, you can get to know the people and culture better by tours to the surrounding towns and villages.

Belmopan’s main attractions are the Belize Archives Department, the National Assembly Building of Belize and the National Parks.