The Best Train Routes in the World

Do you travel a lot and like train travel a lot? What do you know about the 10 train routes that offer the world’s most beautiful and most enjoyable trip? We did a research for the sights and you are here with The Best Train Routes in the World.

10. Jitong Railway / China

Jitong Railway
Jitong Railway

In the north of China, the last steam train in the world, the Jitong line in the inner Mongolia area draws attention with its long distance. Traveling through the mountains, ovals, iron and coal mines, traveling in temperatures of -40 degrees in winter is a unique experience. Not everyone may prefer it, but this train trip is also nice.

  • Route: Jining – Tongliao
  • Lenght: 945 km

9. Shinkansen / Japan


With the maximum speed record of 581 km / h, it is the fastest train in the world at the moment. Japanese speed trains, known as bullet trains, work on many lines in the country. If you want to go from the capital Tokyo to the old capital Kyoto and make the finals in Hiroshima, the total time you will spend on the trend is 5 hours.

  • Route: Tokyo – Hiroshima
  • Lenght: 800 km

8. Belmond Hiram Bingham / Peru

Belmond Hiram Bingham
Belmond Hiram Bingham

This route, also known as the Macchu Picchu train, is actually only a small section of 862 kilometers of Matarani – Macchu Picchu train route. In 2011, the Belmond Hiram Luxury Trains, selected by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine as one of the world’s best trains, presents a journey through the mountains.

  • Route: Cuzco – Aguas Calientes
  • Lenght: 190 km

7. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway / India

The Best Train Routes in the World 1
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways built by the British have lost their former glory today due to disasters such as earthquakes and floods, but they are still among the Unesco Cultural Heritage. The train that runs in the Sikkim Region between Nepal and Bhutan in India starts from Darjeeling at 2100 meters and provides you with a unique view of the Himalayas as well as experience the chaotic life style of India.

  • Route: New Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling
  • Lenght: 84km

6. Pride of Africa / South Africa

Pride of Africa
Pride of Africa

Among the most romantic and most luxurious trains in the world. There are compartments of 11 square meters and a clothing obligation. The journey lasts 15 days and costs between 5 and 10 thousand dollars per person.

  • Route: Capetown – Darusselam
  • Lenght: 6000 km

5. Sri Lankan Railways / Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Railways
Sri Lankan Railways

Some trips are more about traveling than the destination you want to reach. In fact, this is the case for almost every train journey in the list, including the Kandy – Ella train. After leaving Kandy, the train goes 2024 meters and descends at Ella at 1041 meters. The journey is accompanied by tea fields, large green fields and mountains. The whole part of the journey turns into a visual feast between Nuwara Eliya and Ella.

  • Route: Kandy – Ella
  • Lenght: 130 km

4. Eastern Express / Turkey

Eastern Express
Eastern Express

Eastern Express is also the train that is also the subject of Murder in Agatha Christie’s famous Eastern Express. Although the route has changed today, the tours are still ongoing. Train travel starts from Ankara and ends in Kars via Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum. The vast valley covered with snow, the hills and the mountains are living in a white cave. There is also a 4-bed or 2-bed wagon for this 25-26 hour trip, which is ideal for winter.

  • Route: Ankara – Kars
  • Lenght: 1100 km

3. The Flam Railway / Norway

The Flam Railway
The Flam Railway

The Flam train, which is also at the forefront of popular tourist activities in Norway, is one of the most frequent ups and downs in Europe, except for 20 tunnels. A landing of about 1000 meters from Myrdal to Flam takes place mostly in the challenging mountain route. Although it is possible to make this trip all year round, the ideal season is from May to September.

  • Route: Myrdal – Flam
  • Lenght: 20 km

2. The Jungfrau Railway / Switzerland

The Jungfrau Railway
The Jungfrau Railway

Jungfrau, which is the highest railway in Europe reaching 3454 meters, is not a tunnel or underground, although it is an electric system, but rather passes through charming Swiss villages in the presence of the exciting Bern Alps and Aletsch Glacier scenes. In this short train journey you can watch the scenes of nature at the Eigerwand and Eismeer Stations from the glazing platforms.

  • Route: Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfraujoch
  • Lenght: 10 km

1.Trans-Siberian Railway / Russia, Mongolia, China

Trans -Siberia Railway
Trans -Siberia Railway

14 days, 12 thousand miles. World’s longest train service. It starts in Moscow and passes through Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Batur and ends in Vladivostok. Apart from this classic route, there are two support lines extending to China.

They make thousands of kilometers on Russian soil, through forests and rivers, and stop in the stations to give lunches and walking halls.

  • Route: Moscow-Vladivostok
  • Lenght: 9300 km