Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users

According to 2017 data, we have mapped the countries with the most users of Instagram. There are 5 countries in Europe, 3 countries in America and 2 countries in Asia. Here are the Top 10 Countries by Instagram Users.

Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users 1
Top Ten Instagram Users Map

Instagram Users by Countries

How many people use Instagram in the world? Here are some social media statistics by countries;

1. USA:  America with a population of 325 million has 89 million instagram users. Approximately 30% of America has an instagram account.

2. Russia: Russia, with a population of 143 million, ranks second with 28 million Instagram users. Therefore 20% of Russia is using Instagram.

3. Brazil: Brazil with a population of 210 million has 27 million Instagram users. Furthermore, 13% of Brazil has an Instagram account.

4. Turkey: 81 million inhabitants, Turkey ranks 4th in the list. 21% of Turkey, which has 17 million active users, uses Instagram.

5. United Kingdom: There are 15 million users in the United Kingdom with a population of 66 million. This number corresponds to 23% of the United Kingdom’s population.

6. Poland: In this European country with a population of 38 million, there are 11 million Instagram users actively. So 29% of Poland is using Instagram.

7. Canada: With a population of 36 million, Canada has 11 million users of Instagram. 31% of Canada is using Instagram.

8. France: France, which has a population of 65 million, has 11 million Instagram users. This number corresponds to 17% of the country’s population.

9. Japan: There are about 11 million Instagram users in this Asian country with a population of 127 million. 9% of Japan is using Instagram.

10. Germany: Germany, the last of the top 10 list, has 82 million people and 10 million Instagram users. So 12% of Germany is using instagram.

However, if we look at the instagram user numbers compared to the population, we will see the sorting changed.

Sort by percentage

1.Canada🔺            %31
2.USA🔻                 %30
3.Poland🔺            %29
4.U.K🔺                  %23
5.Turkey🔻            %21
6.Russia🔻             %20
7.France🔺             %17
8.Brazil🔻              %13
9.Germany🔺        %12
10.Japan🔻            %9

Did You Know?

Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users 2

1. Photo sharing application Instagram was founded by 2 Americans and was available for use in October 2010.

2. Facebook bought Instagram in April 2012 for exactly $ 1 billion.

3. When Instagram sold 1 billion dollars, there were only 13 employees.

4. The total number of Instagram members now reaches 300 million. The number of users who use the application every day is 75 million.

5. National Geographic, which has 85.1M followers, is the most follower brand in the Instagram application. Victoria’s Secret comes after National Geographic by 58.6 million followers.

6. Beyonce was the most admired photo of 2017. Beyonce, who had been pregnant with her photo, received 11.2 million votes.

7. Instagram’s own page is the one that has most followers. It has 206 million followers in total. It is followed by Selena Gomez with 106 million followers, the second with the most followers. Taylor Swift with 96 million followers is the 3rd, Ariane Grande with 94 million followers is the 4th furthermore, Beyonce with 92 million followers is the 5th.

Did you know about the harmful facts of Instagram?

1. Extremely beautiful and symmetrical women photos in every direction;

Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users 3

We look at these pictures and look at ourselves as ordinary, unbearable, unlucky, sometimes even unnecessary.

2. To be constantly exposed to the lives of others and to compare them with your own lives

Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users 4

We are constantly exposed to others. We become knowledgeable about them, we tire ourselves for them. They make us forget ourselves, they prevent us from spending time for ourselves. They make us feel like we’re a loser. We are left behind, we are failed in every direction; they are living a life they like exactly and they are perceived as very happy. They make us think of joining them, being like them, if we don’t; then we would be a loser, a big one to be kicked. The truth is, we will never be exposed to constant scrutiny in front of the cameras, as we will never be able to live those lives. There is a saying, “Do they keep us from us?” Is there a need to say something else?

3. Convince us that we have failures

Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users 5

Looking at those “perfect” photos, watching those “fantastic” lives make us feel like we are losers all the time. Sometimes this causes us to create problems even we don’t have any. Furthermore, it also causes us to think as we would never achieve such great things. Like as; being so fit, having such great muscles, having a fashionable wardrobe, traveling all the time etc. It seems people don’t want to see more “perfect” lives anymore. “Love yourself as you are” topic is gaining popularity lately on Instagram. Maybe next year we will see one of those photos in our top 10 list!

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