Instagram Users by Country (Top 20)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps around the world. Users of all age groups and demographics have made the photo and video sharing app a part of their everyday routine.

An infographic displays Meta's monthly reach of 3.6 billion across Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, with user counts and report dates.
The number of Instagram’s monthly global active users crossed 1 billion in 2021. Statista estimates that the active Instagram users could be closer to 1.4 billion at the moment.

Instagram is a popular tool for business and personal use, helping influencers rise to online fame worldwide. These are the top Instagram countries by users in 2021. Read on to learn more about which country uses Instagram the most and how they use it.

1. India

India has the most Instagram users of any country in the world. As of October 2021, their audience numbered 201.1 million people over the age of 13, representing a significant portion of their population.

Although Instagram is not the most popular social media app in India (still second to Facebook), it has surpassed other platforms in recent years.

Many people in India use their phones to browse the internet to save money on WiFi, making it the leading county in people using mobile data. Most users in India prefer to watch videos, which is one reason that Instagram might be so popular.

Popular influencers who Indians follow on Instagram include actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani, dancer Avneet Kaur, and content creator Dolly Singh. These and other influencers pair with the nearly 25 million business accounts on Instagram to deliver sponsored and marketing content to Indian users.

2. United States

The United States is the second most popular country for Instagram users in 2021, with 157.1 million users. Almost half of all smartphone owners in the United States have Instagram downloaded and installed on their devices.

Many people in the United States follow personal and brand accounts to learn more about new products, stay updated on new and existing trends, and to learn more about their favorite celebrities and other icons.  

Social media has grown so rapidly in recent years that many companies and brands of all sizes have invested heavily in increasing their social media presence in the United States and other countries.

Top influencers in the United States include singer Ariana Grande, celebrity Kyle Jenner, and musical artist Beyonce. Influencers in the United States vary by state, with accounts differing in popularity across major cities and regions.

3. Brazil

Third on our list is Brazil, which has 114.9 million Instagram users over 13. That’s a pretty significant number, totaling nearly 36% of the country’s entire population.

The largest age group on Instagram are millennials, specifically ages 25-34, with more women than men using the app regularly.

Brazilian users follow Instagram accounts to learn more about their favorite athletes and celebrities and stay updated on the news around the nation and around the world. The accounts that they follow include many different topics and industries.

Brazilians follow popular influencers, including artist Rodrigo Falco, photographer Arthur Martins, and personality Priscila Oliveira. In addition to these, Brazilian influencer accounts include many other famous photographers and general interest pages.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is the next country on our list, with 94.2 million Instagram users over 13. Most of the users in the nation are women. 

People in Indonesia follow various accounts on Instagram, using the app for personal interest, social chatting, news, and commercial use. Commercial use usually includes branding, marketing, and sponsored products.  

Some popular accounts focus specifically on business, such as Andrew Kamphey, while others incorporate sponsored products and other marketing into many posts.

Popular influencer accounts in Indonesia are personality and artist Helena Prissylia, men’s fashion icon Herdiana Surachman, and fashion icon Rima Anggita Suwarjono. Indonesians also follow many adventure travel accounts, such as Nala Rinaldo and Jelejah Pendaki.

5. Russia

Russia is the fifth most popular country for Instagram users, with 15.9 million users over age 13.

Instagram expanded much more quickly in Russia than many other social media platforms. Many Russians use the app to stay in touch with friends and family members, learn more about celebrities and get advice about assorted topics from leading minds in their fields.

Many Russian accounts focus on travel, health and beauty, and fashion. These categories make up the most popular accounts on Instagram in Russia and the most commonly searched for topics on the app. These trends are relatively consistent in Russia across social media platforms, not just on Instagram.

Russia’s top influencers include fashion icon Selina S. Kyle, personality Rodion, and educational guru Idiom Land. Most of Russia’s top influencers fall into the beauty, fashion, or style categories.

6. Turkey

Turkey has 49 million Instagram users over age 13. Most of the Instagram users in Turkey are millennials between 25 and 34.

Turkish people follow Instagram accounts to learn more about different people, places, and topics and stay in the know about growing trends in the nation and worldwide.

While there is some variation by city and region of the country, most Turkish Instagram users follow accounts related to travel or health and wellness.

Turkey has many popular influencers, such as fashion blogger Onur Erol, personality Nazli Behzadi, and style icon Ali Riza Tuncer. Other popular accounts include the book and lifestyle-focused Zeynep Cansoylu and cosmetics-centric Ciseren Vesair and Esys Page.

7. Japan

Our first East Asian country on the list, Japan, comes next with 48.7 million Instagram users over age 13. Most Japanese Instagram users are women, and the majority of all users are millennials ages 25 and 34.

Popular Japanese accounts span a variety of topics, from fashion and beauty to travel and photography.

Japan’s top influencer accounts include fashion and luxury travel icon Robert Michael Poole, lifestyle photographer Ena Kitamura, and fitness model Mari. Other popular accounts include adventure travel-focused pages such as Adam Lewis and Japan Kuru, and the female-empowering Alita Pacio.

8. Mexico

Mexico has 36.3 million Instagram users over the age of 13. Most users in Mexico are younger than those in many other nations, with the primary age group being 18-24. In Mexico, second to gen Z Instagram users are millennials ages 25-34.

Mexico has the second-largest Instagram base in Latin America, second to Brazil. Mexican Instagram users prefer to follow entertainers and fashion icons on Instagram, with most of the top 10 accounts falling into these categories.

However, many Mexican influencers span a variety of specialties. The top accounts include entertainer Mike Sanchez, comedian and sports-focused Cisco Saldana, and fashion icons Melina and Lorenza.

9. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the leader in Western Europe and ninth overall, with 28.2 million Instagram users over age 13. Most Instagram users in the UK are between the ages of 25 and 34, closely followed by 18-24.

Instagram is not as popular in the UK among older people, especially those over 65.

Popular accounts in the United Kingdom vary significantly by age and demographic, but many people follow fashion, food, fitness, and travel-oriented pages. Instagram users in the UK follow accounts to engage with them and learn more about different topics.

Many popular influencers in the UK focus on different aspects of travel, such as the fashion and food-oriented Alaatin Cagil, fitness-oriented Sophia Radcliffe, and adventure travel icon Gqilym C Pugh. Fitness fashion icon Diane Jordan and vintage stylist Diablo Rose are also high on the UK’s influencer list.

10. Germany

Germany comes next with 27.7 million Instagram users over age 13. There has been a steady increase in German Instagram users over the past few years, which does not seem to let up any time soon.

Germans follow many different accounts on Instagram, with a more fitness-oriented top accounts list than many others. They are the only country on our list with an athlete, Saki, in the top influencers spot.

Popular German influencers include soccer player Saki, fitness and dance model Lea Goetz, traveling yoga couple Bre & Flo, and fashion icons Andy Magro and Lois Opoku. In addition to these accounts, other popular pages include health and beauty and photography accounts.

11. Italy

Italy has 26.3 million Instagram users over age 13. Gen Z is the most active group of Italians on Instagram, closely followed by millennials. However, Instagram is still popular with older age groups in Italy, with nearly 73 percent of users between ages 45 and 54 logging into the app each day.

Popular influencers in Italy include photographer and mom icon Elisa Zanetti, food enthusiast Nonna Paperina, and photographer Elvira Puleio. Also famous in Italy is Natascia Nicole, who posts about beauty and skincare topics.

Another popular page in Italy is The Peacocks Voice, a page from Genoa that focuses on travel and fashion.

12. France

Instagram’s usage in France has steadily grown over the past few years and continues to grow over time. 4.1 million people over age 13 use Instagram in France. 18-24 is the most active age group on Instagram in France, followed by 12-17 and 25-34. 

People in France use Instagram to learn more about their favorite people, brands, and trends across industries. Many of the top accounts are focused on the fashion and beauty industries.

Popular French influencers include food and lifestyle icon Heidi Leon Monges, travel blogger Piotr, and fashion icon Alexandra (lady heavenly).  Also popular in France are cosplay accounts, such as Elena Kasumi, and design accounts, such as Urban Jungle Bloggers.

13. Argentina

There are 22.8 million Instagram users over age 13 in Argentina. Over a third of all Instagram users in Argentina are between 25 and 34.

Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform in the country. The top spots went to YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp, each of which had a significantly higher share of users than Instagram across the country.

In Argentina, popular influencers include travel; bloggers Lulu Fernandez and Fernanda CobaC, tattoo artist Lucia Franze, and actor Soyfac.

14. Spain

Spain boasts 21.6 Instagram users over age 13. Over half the internet users in Spain are between 18 and 24, with significantly fewer users in the older age groups.

Travel is a popular topic among Spanish Instagram accounts, with travel-focused pages continuing to grow in engagement. One famous travel account, A World to Travel, is focused on sustainable travel and lifestyle around the world.

Spain’s top influencers include fashion and travel bloggers Amanda Chic and Marta Montanez. Also extremely popular in Spain is Uma (blogdeuma), who posts about dogs, dog food, dog treats, and other content related to pets and animals.

15. Philippines

In the Philippines, there are 18.8 million Instagram users over age 13. Most users are between the ages of 18 and 24. The Philippines are ranked seventh in active social media use in the Asian Pacific.

Users in the Philippines follow many different types of accounts on Instagram. It is a popular platform for learning more about other places in the world and staying in touch with friends and family members. Pages focused on travel and photography tend to perform well in the Philippines and those centered around fashion or beauty.

The Philippines are home to many influencers in the fashion and travel spheres. Some of the top Philippine accounts include travel blogger Ruben & Rach, fashion model Jana Ogladina, and photographer Mikee Bernabe.

16. South Korea

South Korea has 18.6 million Instagram followers over age 13. Most Instagram users in South Korea follow the same trends that we have noted in other nations, with the most active age group between 25 and 24 and more women than men using the platform.

South Koreans use Instagram to follow their favorite people and places, stay in touch with friends and family and learn more about topics of interest in their own and other countries.

 The most popular South Korean influencers primarily post about travel, such as the photography-focused page SEOLSYNC, family-travel oriented page The Soul of Seoul, and travel influencer Seungyeon-Ryu. Derick Tam is another popular South Korean account, focused on fashion, modeling, and online retail.

17. Thailand

Thailand has 17.2 million Instagram followers over age 13. Most Instagram users in Thailand are women, and the most active age group is between 18 and 24 years old.

Users in Thailand are interested in modeling and travel. Another popular topic is business and entrepreneurship, with pages related to startups and marketing making the top accounts list across the country.

Popular influencers in Thailand include cosplay model OnnieSM, astrology and pet-focused Pavia Janhavat, fashion icon Ying Mann, and business startup guru Christian Mischler. Mike Holp, also known as the digital wizard, has significantly grown his marketing Instagram page in Thailand. Other popular travel pages include Next Journey and Daily Travel Pill.

18. Colombia

With just fewer users than Thailand, Colombia is next on the list, with 17.1 million Instagram followers over age 13. Over half of the Instagram users in Colombia are women. More than a third of all Instagram users here are millennials between 25 and 34.

 Popular accounts in Colombia include a variety of spheres and topics, such as fashion, spirituality, music, and lifestyle. The top ten accounts in the nation have pages focused on branding, yoga, and skydiving, making it the most varied range of interests.

Colombians follow various influencer accounts across spheres, such as fashion and lifestyle blogger Anna Penafort, brand ambassador Arturo, and musical icon Oxy MC. Other popular Colombian accounts include Andres Bravo, who posts about sports and skydiving, and Manuel Euman, who focuses on music, spirituality, and yoga.

19. Egypt

16.1 million Instagram users over age 13 live in Egypt. The largest age group on Instagram in Egypt is people ages 18-24, closely followed by users between 25 and 34. These trends are like many other countries included in this list of which country uses Instagram the most.

Top Egyptian influencer accounts include fashion icon Marwa, makeup and hairstylist Yaraelnazer, and business travel icon Seham Khaled. Haya Icon is another popular page. It focuses on motherhood and lifestyle topics.

20. Saudi Arabia

Last but not least, Saudi Arabia has 15.9 million Instagram users 0ver age 13. Most of the users in Saudi Arabia are in the younger age groups, and nearly 80% of internet users in the country are active on social media.

Interestingly, the government in Saudi Arabia has actually hired influencers on platforms like Instagram in an attempt to improve public perception of the nation. They pay influencers from other nations to visit their country and post their positive experiences while visiting.

The government began to hire individuals to promote their nation on Instagram after accounts began highlighting the country negatively, bringing awareness to human rights issues and other activities that drew international criticism.

Popular accounts in Saudi Arabia include actor Sara Saleh, fitness model Hussain Aldaghamani, and blogger Rehab Alatriby. Other well-followed pages in the country are the news media account,, and adventure travel icon Nada Al Nahdi.

Wrapping Up

There can be no denying the popularity of Instagram worldwide for both personal and commercial use. Each of these countries uses Instagram in their own ways, with their own influencers. We can rest assured that the popularity of Instagram will continue to grow worldwide, leading to even more users in the coming years.