Netflix Availability Worldwide

In this article, you will find Netflix Availability Worldwide with on-map descriptions.

It is an American entertainment company founded in 1997 by Reed Hasting and March Randolph in California. Netflix specializes in real-time streaming of data over the internet and DVD delivery via video via video-pn-demand. In addition to these, Netflix also began online distribution with film and television production in 2013.

Netflix Availability Worldwide

Netflix Availability Worldwide 1

Netflix focused on selling and renting DVDs when it first started. A year after the company’s founding, Reed Hasting stopped DVD sales to focus on DVD rental by mail. In 2007, Netflix expanded its business by offering the ability to watch movies over the internet via streaming media. It opened in Canada in 2010 and over time the data flow service continued to grow. As of January 2016, it serves more than 190 countries. In 2013 it started producing content with its first album, House of Cards.

In the map -Netflix availability worldwide- above you can see the countries that have Netflix and how much of these countries have reached netflix. Let’s do a little informing before you examine the map; Netflix is an American company, which is based on 100% content in the United States and is offered in different percentages to other countries. For example; While Puerto Rico reaches 82.80% content, only 2.57% of this content is available in Morocco. There are 1157 TV shows and 4591 Movies in the American Netflix.

Looking at the map, the content of the countries that are close to the USA is high, while the content decreases as they move away. In many African countries, while Netflix is not there, things are a bit mixed in Asia. China seems to have difficulties with NetFlix due to government policies, while Syria and North Korea are excluded due to US government’s trade restrictions.


Netflix Availability Worldwide 2

We see the Netflix Availability map in Europe above. As we have seen on the map, the country that reaches the maximum content of Netflix is Ireland, followed by Lithuania with a slight difference. So these two countries reach about 50% of the netflix content, but not much in the rest of Europe. The northern countries Norway, Sweden, Finland have access to about 38%. When we arrive from north to west Europe, we reach about 32%, much lower rates in eastern Europe. Albania is the country with the least content in Europe and reaches only 4.35% of the content, followed by Albania with 10.60% of the lowest content. It is sure you have your mind, but unfortunately Netflix is not accessible via VPN.



1. China has about a dozen well-established and well-financed video sites run by some of the biggest tech giants like Youku and Baidu spin-off Qiyi of Alibaba
2. On Alibaba’s platforms, membership fees are much cheaper than Netflix’s worldwide rates.
3. Restrictions and censorship are applied to the content that comes from abroad.
4. Netflix thinks it is too late for China to enter the market. But the doors are not completely closed.


Netflix Availability Worldwide 3

Interestingly, there are countries in Africa that have even higher rates than in Europe. Benin has 69.00% and Equatorial Guinea has 67.80% and 6th and 7th in the world rankings. Tanzania is coming from behind with 41.90%.

Ivory Coast and Libya are countries that do not have Netflix at all.

Netflix continues to grow

Netflix Availability Worldwide 4
  • In 2009, it reached 10 million subscribers.
  • In April 2011, it reached 26 million subscribers.
  • Globally, in the second quarter of 2014, it has 50 million subscribers.
  • As of January 2015, global subscriber numbers reached 57 million.
  • By October 2015, it had reached 70 million subscribers.
  • By January 2016, the number of global subscribers reached 75 million.
  • In January 2017 reached more than 98 million subscribers.
  • By July 2017, there were 103.95 million subscribers around.

Netflix requirements?

INTERNET: Your internet speed needs to be above a certain speed so that you can view Netflix content without any problems. At least 3 megabits for SD broadcasts, at least 5 megabits for HD broadcasts and at least 25 megabits for your internet speed to be able to stream Ultra HD (4K) broadcasts smoothly.

BROWSER: If you are watching Netflix movies and series through the browser, your internet browser needs to meet these requirements. Google Chrome 37 and up, Internet Explorer 11 and up, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 42 and up, Opera 33 and up, Safari Mac Os X 10.10 and up. But not all browsers have the same resolution. It  can be watched in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera a maximum of 720p. Futhertmore in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari resolution can be 1080p.

Did You Know?

Netflix Availability Worldwide 5
Jessica Jones / Krysten Ritter

Netflix; there is a race called Binge Race, which is a tracking race within 24 hours of the day an entire series of episodes is released. Millions of people in the world are competing to be the first to watch the entire season of the whole directory from start to finish. The most popular netflix series, which all parts of a season are finished on the first day;
Became “Defenders” by 2017
2016: Gilmore Girls
2015: Narcos
2014: Trailer Park Boys
2013: Orange is the New Black

Rumor That Apple Can Buy Netflix

Jim Suva and Asiya Merchan believe that corporate tax cuts implemented by US President Trump encourage Apple to make major acquisitions.

Analysts say that Apple has a 40 percent chance of buying Netflix. And there’s the Disney dimension. In December, when the report was written, Disney had not yet purchased the Fox studio and TV assets. Analysts say Apple could buy Disney at a 20-30% probability. The increase in value of Apple’s acquisition of Disney is projected at 20 percent, while profitability is estimated at 25 percent.

According to analysts, buying Netflix may cause a lower increase in Apple’s stock than the Disney scenario. Of course this is only a prediction.

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