Immigration in the World

Immigrants live in almost every country in the world, and in some countries these numbers are very high, but in some countries there are very few immigrants. In this article we will talk about Immigration in the World.

The main reason for immigration is the desire to achieve better living conditions. How many migrants live in which country?

Immigrant Nations in the World

A color-coded world map showing immigration levels, with a legend for immigrant populations by country.
Map of the Immigration Population in the World

Above you see the immigrant population map of the countries. In many countries less than 1 million migrants live. While this figure is normal, in some countries it is between 2-10 million, also, 45 million immigrants live in USA.

Why is the Number of Immigrants in the US too high?

There is another name beside the official name of the United States, the Land of Freedoms. That’s why, on average, more than 600 immigrants with residence permits annually go to American citizenship. There is a test called citizenship test is applied.

Green Card immigrants must have a green card for at least 5 years to pass the citizenship, they must be admitted to the citizenship pass and be successful in the citizenship test and interview at the last stage.

Vatandaşlık Testi

A graphic features the Statue of Liberty amid words like "FREEDOM" and "ASYLUM", set against a world map and cloudy sky.

Citizenship test aims to measure the immigrants’ ability to read and write English language as well as their general culture of American civilization and history. In addition to the citizenship test, the examiners also check out the “N-400”, which is filled in English by the immigrants.

In the framework of the test, immigrants are expected to respond to at least 6 out of 10 questions related to American history and citizenship. Immigrants are also required to write at least one of the three voices read aloud by the examiners without error and to read at least one of the three voices with a loud and error-free voice.

Language trainers report that immigrants who do not speak any English need a one-year preparation course to pass the Citizenship Test and a six-month preparation course for low-level English speakers.

Why is the number of immigrants in Russia too high?

A collection of passports from different countries spread out on a white surface.

Russia is on the list as the second country with the largest number of immigrants in the world. Russia is getting a lot of immigrants, especially from its geographical area. The main reason for this is the intransigence of countries and the desire to achieve better living conditions.

The number of immigrants in Russia has soared, especially as the number of people looking for new life in Russia escaped from the turmoil in Ukraine. Although the number of immigrants has decreased as the economic crisis has begun and many immigrants have returned to their hometowns in recent years, they have again increased in recent years. Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, and Moldova are the countries with the highest number of immigrants.

Why is the number of immigrants in Germany too high?

Russia may be the second most migrant country, but at the same time it is one of the most emigrating countries. Germany is the third most migrant country in the world. In addition, countries that Germany receives the most migration respectively Turkey, Poland and Russia. About 20% of immigrants are Turks. In fact, Germany has a very different story related to Turkish immigrants.

Turkish Immigration to Germany

Image 1
Image 1

After the Second World War, Germany needed a great labor force to recoup its economy. To meet this labor shortage, between Germany and Turkey, in October 30, 1961, “Turkish Firms Contract Exemption Framework Agreement on Employment of Workers’ agreement was signed.

Based on this agreement, the first group of 450 people moved to the city of Düsseldorf in Germany. First, 6,500 workers migrated. In the following years hundreds of thousands of Turkish workers migrated.

After working in Germany for a few years, the Turkish workers who went to Germany wanted to buy a house or car with the money they worked and earned during that time. So, in fact, there was no such thing as a long stay or settlement in Germany. On the other hand, the Germans regarded the Turkish workers as “guests” because they thought they were temporary in Germany.

For this reason, Germany did not take much care of humanity side in the first place. A serious alignment policy for migrant workers was not implemented because Turkish workers and their families were thought to contribute to the German economy and turn back to their countries. But the situation was not like what both sides thought. Today there are about 3 million Turks living in Germany for 3 generations. About 1 million Turks are Turkish-speaking Germans.

United Arab Emirates, Country of Immigrants

United Arab Emirates is the 5th most immigrant living country in the world, but the UAE has a different situation. Approximately 84% of the UAE population is immigrants. Is not it an amazing number for you too?


A large majority of immigrants in the country settled in the country before declaring country’s independence. Indian and Pakistani constitute the largest group of immigrants, representing 25% and 12% of the total population, respectively. There are reasons why the United Arab Emirates is still the most attractive immigrant country. The United Arab Emirates is one of the happiest countries in the world. Here you can find our detailed content.

Ratio of Immigrants to Country Population

We saw immigrants in the countries on the map. But the ratio of immigrants to the population of the country is much more important for countries and immigration. We will examine this. If you want, we’ll check out our map first.

A color-coded world map possibly shows data like population or climate, but lacks detail for specific data or regions.
Map of the ratio of immigrants to the population of the country

As you can see, the Arabian Peninsula is full of countries with the highest percentage (UAE 83.7%, Qatar 73.8%, Kuwait 60.2%, Bahrain 54.7%, Saudi Arabia 31.4%). It is also possible to see on the map high rates in countries such as Canada (20.7%), Australia (27.7), New Zealand (25.1%).

Let’s see what Canada, Australia and New Zealand want us to be immigrants.

How to Migrate?

We talked about America, let’s continue with Canada.


You have to be a high school graduate in Canada before everything. Like many other countries, Canada is receiving immigrants with a scoring system. Personal factors such as age, education, profession, experience and kinship are very important in Canada’s immigration application. You have to get at least 75 points from 10 different criteria in immigration evaluation.

1. Age

  • Between 21- 45, 10 Points
  • Under 18 or above 48, 0 Points
  • Between 18-47 4, Points

2. Education

  • Secondary-high school graduates: 5-10 pointsnları: 5- 10 Puan
  • University graduates: 20 points
  • 3 years vocational school: 20 points
  • Two years associate degree: 15 points
  • Master-Doctorate: 25 points

3. Job

The oil engineer gets 17 points and the same refinery employee gets 2 points.
Setting up a job in Canada before is 10 points

4. Job Experience

Working at least 1 year: 10 points Two years: 15 points, 3 years: 20 points, 4 years: 25 points

5. Language Skills

English and French language skills: 20 points. 16 points if you know one the languages as a native speaker. If you know in the middle 12 points.


In order to apply for Immigration Visa, you must have at least 60 points total from five parts. These 5 parts; Age, English score, Qualified Profession and Professional Experience Score, Education Score, Other Factors

1. Age

Age is the most important criteria for 30, the highest score you can collect for the first time in your application. If you want to apply for a Qualified Immigration visa you have to be under 50 years old. The points you can collect for other age ranges are as follows:

  • 18-24, 25 points,
  • 25-3230 points,
  • 33-3925 points,
  • 40-4415 points,
  • 45-49,  0 point.

2. English Score

Competent English: To qualify for a Qualified Immigration visa your English must be at minimum competent. Although this level is sufficient for the application, unfortunately the score you can collect from this level is 0.

Proficient English: If you apply for a Qualified Immigration visa, you must have at least an expert level of English to score points from the language score. When you reach this level, you have 10 points.

Superior English: You reach 20 points, which means that you have reached the superior level.

3. Qualified Profession and Professional Experience Score

  • 5 points for your experience from 3-5 years,
  • 10 points for your experience from 5-8 years,
  • You can earn 15 points for your 8-10 years experience.

4. Education Score

  • 20 points for a doctoral degree from Australia or from a different country and approved by Australian standards,
  • 15 points for a license from Australia or from a different country that meets Australian standards (unfortunately you do not score additional points outside of Australia)
  • 10 points for a certificate or commercial qualification program you receive from Australia,
  • 10 points for an extra qualification awarded by the institution in the stage of qualifying professional equivalence,
  • 5 points for one or more degrees awarded by an Australian Educational Institution and meeting Australian learning requirements, certificate and commercial qualification programs,
  • You can collect 5 points for a specific undergraduate research in an Australian Educational Institution for at least 2 years.

New Zealand

Immigration Application Requirements

  • Bein at least 18 years old.
  • Certificate of at least three years.
  • Being healthy, not having a judicial record.
  • To speak English at a negotiated level.

Things to remember

  • The immigration application is made in New Zealand’s London Embassy.
  • It is necessary to obtain a score of 24 points or more from among the applicants who have been assessed by the scoring system.
  • It is important to have good and regular work.
  • Health personnel, doctors, engineers and architects have priority in immigration.
  • Four to five years of professional experience increases your score.
  • Your proposal letter from New Zealand increases your chances of getting accepted.
  • Those who are aged between 25 and 29 are advantageous, as young people needed to work in the country.
  • A candidate for immigration application must have a financial source of at least 24 months in New Zealand. Otherwise, no application is accepted.

Increasing Number of Syrian Migrants in recent years due to Civil War

A crowd of people with one individual holding a sign that reads "HELP EUROPE."
Syrians asking for help from Europe

Since 2011, due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, millions of Syrians had to migrate out of the country. The countries have determined their policies because of the ever-increasing and unstoppable migration. They have often prevented further immigration by setting quotas, but immigration continues throughout the world illegally. Syrian immigrants to Greece via Turkey by sea and then by trying to enter illegally the whole of Europe.

It is estimated that approximately 10,000 Syrians who have migrated illegally since 2011 have lost their lives.

Number of Syrian Migrants in the World

A color-coded world map shows countries' income/GDP levels in shades of blue, with darker blues indicating higher incomes.
Spread Syrian refugees in the World

You can see the spread of the refugees escaping from the civil war in Syria on the map. Turkey is the country that accept up to 3.3 million refugees, followed by Lebanon with one million.

Germany is the most refugee country in the European Union. While there are 426,000 refugees registered in Germany, it is estimated that together with unregistered refugees, this number has exceeded 600,000. The numbers used on the map are taken from wikipedia and the numbers are estimates.


A color-coded map of Europe displaying various numbers in each country, likely representing some form of statistics or data.
Syrian Migrants in Europe

Europe is the continent that receives the most asylum seekers. The countries where the living conditions are good and the refugees want to settle most in close to Syria are in Europe. Germany is the most refugee accepting country in the European Union.