Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average

In this map we have discussed Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average. There are many different sources about this.

The figures in our survey came from a study conducted by Professor Richard Lynn from the British Psychology and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political science professor who conducted IQ studies in more than 80 countries, between 2002-2006. Of course we will not offer this as a single resource to you. We will produce and present new maps and content with other sources and numbers that we find.

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 1

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average

Richard and Tatu argue that national differences are related to differences in the average national intelligence ratio (IQ).

When we look at the map we see Serbia with the lowest level of 89 IQ. Then Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have the lowest IQ average countries. The highest IQ level is in Italy with 102 points, followed by Switzerland with only 1 point difference. Iceland is not on our map to increase the readability of our map, but the Iceland 101 IQ average is in the same order as Switzerland.

Did you know that factors to increase IQ?

1. Doing Exercise Regularly

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 2

Reduces stress and increases memory activity of the brain.

2. Stimulants and Nootropics

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 3

Some drugs, especially in the United States, are alleged to increase brain activity. Students are said to have succeeded in their lessons by taking higher grades thanks to these medicines. Of course, it is argued that it is a healthy option.

3. Supplements

IQ increase can be achieved with many additives. Especially Omega 3 is a very effective substance on the development of children. Omega 3 develops a scientific fact and memory that has proven to facilitate communication between neurons. Adults also show improvements, provided they are used constantly and regularly. It has also been proven that it increases the visual intelligence of a cup of cabbage taken every day.

4. Meditation

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 4

It is a known fact that meditation reduces stress, improves mood, and increases brain activity. In addition, it can be said that indirectly increases intelligence and IQ as well. Although there are many types of meditation, the transendental meditation route proved to work.

5. Healthy Nutrition and Vegetarianism

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 5

Research shows that feeding from childhood plays an important role in IQ and brain development. Experts recommend avoiding processed foods. Individuals fed with processed foods had lower IQ scores than healthy-fed individuals. Another study showed that up to 30 years old and those who were taking detergents had a 5-point higher IQ score than non-vegetarians.

6. Intelligence games

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 6

There are many intelligence games and puzzles today. It is said that this type of intelligence games has boosted IQ. The effort you will spend mentally will of course be good for IQ and your memory. As a result of a further study in the UK, computer games turned out to be “as essential as homework”. According to the research on 700 children between the ages of 7 and 16, computer games improve children’s ability to make logical thinking and strategic planning, and provide life learning.

7. Reading

Europe Ranking of Countries by Their IQ Average 7

It is said that reading is especially important in increasing the IQ of children. Some non-scientific studies showed that children’s IQ could increase by 6 points in reading. It also stimulates reading thinking, improves vocabulary, and gives people the opportunity to connect about important events. A recent research study has shown that reading novels makes changes in the brain of readers. Along with this, it is possible to read harder books and develop intelligence. It is likely that those who read more books will have a higher IQ.

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