Countries That Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

As we approach each year on February 14, the valentines get a sweet flurry. While the newspapers fill the “expensive gift” news that the celebrities give their loved ones, we show our love by a few more modest gifts. All sights, cafes and restaurants and also shopping centers are decorated with the theme of Valentine’s Day.

Some celebrate this special day with a romantic dinner at home, while others prefer fun outside. In many places in the world, the day of the love is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, quiet in some countries, Valentine’s day is like an ordinary day of the year.

In this post, as usual, we have shown our content on the map. And here you have the countries that do not celebrate Valentine’s day:

The map shows countries not celebrating Valentine's Day in black, others in pink, with a broken heart symbol at the bottom left.
Countries That Do Not Celebrate Valentines Day

February 14; Valentine’s Day

A tree with a canopy shaped like a heart in the middle of a field with red and white flowers under a blue sky with light cloud cover.
Tree in the shape of heart, Valentine’s Day background

As we have shown on the map above, the Valentine’s Day are not celebrated in a few countries in the eastern part of the world. We will include the names of these countries in our content. But first, we want to talk some about the short history of the Valentine’s Day.

There are many rumors about how this special day is celebrated. We want to give the most general one in this article.

The root of this day, based on the belief of the Roman Catholic Church, emerged as a day of celebration, announced on behalf of a religious man named Valentine. For this reason it is known as “St. Valentine’s Day” in some societies.

How is it Celebrated?

A man and a woman embracing on a pink bicycle in a grassy field with a blue sky and clouds in the background.

The most common practice on Valentine’s Day is the card given to the wife or lover.

Those who are not lovers send cards to those they like. The recipient is usually referred to as “Be my darling?” it tries to find out who sent this unsigned card.

On Valentine’s Day, almost everybody gives gifts to their loved ones or their wives about love, which is integrated with this day’s spirit. These gifts come with flowers and chocolates.

Couples usually spend their days together alone. A romantic meal on the go or a romantic table prepared at home is one of the most common celebrations.

Couples try to make the day unique. The most preferred color is red which symbolizes passion.

Besides these, Valentine’s Day is a day of many marriage proposals.

Which Countries Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Here are the countries where lovers are forbidden to celebrate the day because of religious reasons;

  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Indonesia
  • Iranian
  • Pakistan