Top Ten Biggest Robberies in the World

Theft-themed films have always produced a massive audience. The reason for the interest in these films is the impressive plan and extraordinary visual effects that are meticulously applied. In fact, many of these films are mostly taken from a real story. In the last months of 2017, we did some research after the biggest robbery plan in history that came to the fore in Brazil, and we prepared our content for Top Ten Biggest Robberies in the World.

A world map labels fictional heists like "Big Diamond Heist" in North America. A "No Guns" symbol is in the corner.
Top Ten Biggest Robberies in the World

Top Ten Biggest Robberies in the World

10. Pennsylvania Bank

A photo shows a classical building with "PNC Bank" written above the entrance, and two flags flying above.
Pennsylvania Bank

The first bank robbery of American history took place in Philadelphia on 31 August 1798. The money stolen was 162,281$ which makes a huge amount today.

9. Mona Lisa Robbery

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

The famous Leonardo da Vinci picture, Mona Lisa, was preserved in the Louvre Museum in Paris. On August 21, 1911, one of the world’s greatest works of art was stolen

8. The Nazis Relieve European Art Works

Between 1933 and 1945, the German National Socialist government was in the process of seizing the works of art by Jews and nations. The heritage of cultural heritage was related to Hitler’s desire to establish a great art museum in Austria. When the war broke out in 1939, the teams were sent to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries to create an inventory of the desired works. It is not even possible to estimate the total value of the pieces to be stolen. The German authorities compared 1,100 paintings in an old art house in Munich, which was stolen by the Nazis in 2011. The total value of these works is estimated to be over $ 1 billion.

7. Big Train Theft

A row of red Royal Mail train carriages on railway tracks with a cloudy sky in the background.
Royal Mail

From A Royal Mail train in Buckinghamshire, England, $ 3.9 million was stolen in 1963, and the theft became one of the most famous robberies in the UK. The robbery was carefully planned for several months.

The thieves changed the signals of the rails to stop the train and did the robbery. Although the money was not recovered, most of the gang members were later caught by the police one by one.

6. Dunbar Armoured Robbery

The largest cash-robbery in the United States took place in 1997, at Dunbar’s service in Los Angeles. The $ 18 million robbery was handled by the company’s Alan Pace as a security officer

5. Millennium Dome Robbery

A photo shows a large dome building with a white roof and yellow supports, located near water under a clear sky.
Millennium Dome

The London raid in 2000 is one of history’s greatest robbers. A rare diamond worth $ 529 million was targeted to be stolen from the dome. All the members of the gang were caught by the police because they were all criminal. The police handed them off with their unusual movements in the De Beers diamond exhibit. If they were not caught, they were planning to replace the fake diamonds with their originals.

4. Antwerp Diamond Heist

The robbery took place in February 2003. The robbery, which includes over 100 million dollars of diamonds, gold jewelery and money, was recorded as “The Robbery of the Century”. Leonardo Notarbartollo was arrested on suspicion of joining to robbery.

3. Stephane Breitwieser

Breitwieser is one of the most prominent art thieves known up to now with a series of robberies carried out between 1995 and 2001. Stephan stole works of art from museums, castles and churches of 7 countries in Europe.

The estimated value of the items is estimated to be worth $ 5-6 million. Furthermore the most expensive of the works is the Princess Cleves.

2. Dansk Værdihåndtering Robbery

Danish krona between 60 and 62 million, in other words $ 9.7 million, was stolen from Dansk Værdihåndtering, a security firm in Brondby. The heavy-armed gang of 16 men shot at the streets during the robbery. At least 10 garbage trucks prevented the police from accessing the area. Five members of the gang were caught in a hotel in Copenhagen a few days later.

1. Graff Jeweller Robbery

Aman Kassaye and his accomplice arrived in Graff Jewelery on New Bond Street in London on August 6, 2009. They forced the staff to open the windows. As a result of the robbery, a total of $ 65 million worth of diamonds and other jewels were stolen.