Afghanistan Provinces Map

Afghanistan Provinces Map 1
Afghanistan Provinces Map

The provinces are administrative units within Afghanistan. Unlike a country’s capital, each province has its own unique characteristics and history, which may vary substantially from region to region. Each province forms part of a larger unit (region) called a maqam, which encompasses a number of sub-regions.

For example, Kohistan is an administrative district in Pakistan with a population of over 200,000 people, which is located along the Pir Panjal Range and contains parts of two other provinces: Faryab and Khost.

Two new provinces have been added to the south of Afghanistan, Daikondi and Panjshir. These are the first provinces created since 2001 after the fall of the Taliban. The province of Helmand was already fairly well developed before 2001 so these two new provinces could be seen as either a sign of good things to come or a sign that the US is making slow but steady progress in Afghanistan.

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