Palau Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Palau Flag

The Palau flag consists of yellow circles placed on the left side on a sky blue background. The clear blue of the flag symbolizes the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the country of the island, while the golden circle is the full moon, which appears on the country and has an important place for the people of the island. Many tree cuts, harvests, entertainments and feasts in the island life are performed when the full moon is seen in the sky.

Palau Flag Map
Palau Flag Map

History of the Palau Flag

The Palau flag was adopted on 1 January 1981, when the island group left the United Nations Trust Area. As in the flags of many other Pacific island groups, blue is the color used to represent the ocean and its place within the country. Although this is similar to Palau’s Federated States of Micronesia and other neighboring island groups, the circle on the flag (similar to the flag of Japan) is off-center like the banner of Bangladesh, but in this case, the moon was used instead of the sun. The current flag was introduced in 1981 when Palau was a republic.

Before 1981, in Palau, the flag of the Trust Region of the Pacific Islands was used together with the United Nations and American flags. The design of the flag is very simple, but Palau believes in the depth of the meaning of the flag. The choice of color is based on the history and traditions of the Palauan people.

In 1979, a commission organized a competition to select the country’s flag. Although the first flag in this competition is a different flag, the second place is the flag used today. The Palau flag was put into the legal framework and the Palau assembly was adopted and enacted in Olbiil Era Kelulau.

Neighboring Countries of Palau

Palau is located in the Oceania Continent. Palau consists of about 350 islands. Palau, which is an island country, does not have a land border. An island country, Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Main Characteristics of Palau

Palau is an ocean country that fascinates its visitors with its diving spots, waterfalls, and forests. Located in the Pacific Ocean, where many sea creatures live, the country is one of the top ten diving spots in the world. It is also known as Belau. Ngerulmud is the capital of the country. There are three official languages, Palau, English, and Japanese. US dollars are used as currency.

The tropical climate prevails. Every period has the sun. Temperatures are high throughout the year.

The main food of the country cuisine is fish. Cassava, Indian feed apple, and Taro are also very consumed foods. Cocktails prepared from tropical fruits are quite delicious.

CodePW (PLW)
Calling Code680
Capital CityNgerulmud
Currencyunited states dollar (USD)
Emoji Symbol🇵🇼
Highest PointMount Ngerchelchuus (242 m)
Total Area459 km2