Mauritius Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Mauritius Flag

The flag of Mauritius was launched on 12 March 1968 when the country gained its independence.

The flag consists of five equal width strips. It consists of red, blue, yellow and green colors from top to bottom. The red color represents the blood flow for the independence of the country, the blue color symbolizes the Indian Ocean, the yellow color represents the independence fire that shines above the island, and the green color symbolizes the rich flora of the country.

Mauritius Flag Map and Meaning 1

Mauritius Flag Map

History of the Mauritius Flag

The first flag in the country fluctuating in Mauritius in 1638 was the red-white-blue horizontal tricolor flag of the Dutch East India Company. The region remained under Dutch control until 1710. But bad harvests and weather conditions led the Netherlands to withdraw from the region. Five years after the Dutch withdrawal, in 1715 the region was colonized by the French. The area is named Isle de France and the Standard of the King of France is accepted as the official flag. In 1792 the flag was transformed into a more traditional blue-white-red vertical French Tricolor.

When the British took control of the region in 1810, the name was changed to Mauritius. The flag was changed on this date. The newly accepted flag had the Union Jack in the upper left corner on the blue background. There was a coat of arms on the left side of the flag. This rigging was a quadrant composed of a ship, three palm trees, a key, and a white star. In 1906, the coat of arms was changed. A dodo and a deer were added to the rigging to support the shield. It was used until 1923. In 1923, the apartment was removed and the rig was placed on the ground.

When Mauritius became a republic in 1968, the flag changed dramatically. Four horizontal lane flags were accepted on this date. Each color of the flag has a country-specific meaning. The red band represents colonization and the blood of the slaves, the blue band is ocean, the yellow band symbolizes the sun and freedom, and the green band represents the greening of the soil and the plants.

Neighboring Countries of Mauritius

Mauritius Flag Map and Meaning 2

It is an island country in Africa, southwest of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.

Main Characteristics of Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country where the nature, the ocean, the white beaches and the tropical climate make it known as paradise. Port Louis, the capital, is the most populous city in the country and is also the center of history and culture. No official language is defined in the country. Although English and French are spoken in the Assembly, it is the most common Morician language used by the public. Mauritius rupees are used as currency units.

The semi-tropical climate prevails. The average temperature is 23 on the shore and 19 degrees on the plateau. Every period is hot. Country cuisine is very rich. Tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and hot pepper are very used in food.

CodeMU (MUS)
Calling Code230
Capital CityPort Louis
Currencymauritian rupee (MUR)
Emoji Symbol🇲🇺
Highest PointMont Piton (828 m)
Total Area2,040 km2