Cape Verde Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Cape Verde Flag

The Flag of Cape Verde is formed on a blue background, with three equal thin strips of white, red and white, which will start horizontally from the middle and cover half of that half. Ten five-pointed stars are placed on these strips, which are positioned closer to the left-hand side and which form a circular shape.

While the blue ground symbolizes the endless sky and the sea, the white color symbolizes peace and red prospects. The strips represent the way to go for the development of the country, and ten stars represent the ten islands that make up the island country.

The formation of the stars in a circle represents the unity of the nation.

Cape Verde Flag Map and Meaning 1
Cape Verde Flag Map

History of the Cape Verde Flag

Cape Verde had no flag of its own before it gained its independence from Portugal. In this period, the Portuguese colonial country was using the Portuguese flag. In the 1960s Portugal has introduced a new flag for Cape Verde. This flag was a flag on the right side of the flag of Portugal. The emblem was a shield and represented Portugal’s overseas territory. But this flag was never used.

Cape Verde was in unity with Guinea-Bissau on the African continent from 1975 to 1992, when it gained its independence. This union was terminated because of the contradictory political formations that occurred in both countries. As a result, Cape Verde changed its flag, which was very similar to the flag of Guinea-Bissau, and raised its flag today.

The flag similar to the Guinea-Bissau flag used by Cape Verde had very small differences. The flag was different, and there was a wreath around the black star on the red vertical stripe of Guinea-Bissau. The flag that Cape Verde uses now is a completely different flag from the Guinea-Bissau flag.

Neighboring Countries of Cape Verde

Neighboring Countries of Cape Verde
Neighboring Countries of Cape Verde

It is located in West Africa. It is a country consisting of 10 islands and 8 islets off the Atlantic, off the coast of Senegal and Mauritania.

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Main Characteristics of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an African country known for its white sand and turquoise sea. The official name of the country is Cape Verde. The capital is Praia, located on the island of Santiago. It is the largest city in the country. The official language is Portuguese. The Cape Verde Creole is also spoken by local people. The currency used in the islands is as Cape Verdean escudo.

A temperate climate prevails. High temperatures and uneven precipitation are observed. Since it is an island country, seafood is the basis of country cuisine. The lobster plate called Lagostada is very popular.

CountryCape Verde
CodeCV (CPV)
Calling code238
Capital cityPraia
Currencycape Verdean escudo (CVE)
Emoji symbol🇨🇻
Highest pointMount Fogo (2,829 m)
Total area4,033 km2