20 Deadly Fighting Techniques from Around the World

In today’s world, learning and practicing at least one of the martial arts has become essential. It is helpful to know at least one of these arts against a possible danger or threat.

Here we share a variety of information about famous martial arts.

20 Deadly Fighting Techniques to Make Your Competitor Extremely Ineffective.

1. Karate

Two people in white karate uniforms and red belts are in a martial arts demo, with one performing a high kick.

It owes its popularity to kicks which can lead to very serious damage when the right technique is used.

2. Jeet Kuno Do

A person performing a high kick against a plain background.
Jeet Kuno Do

Kung-fu-like and highly effective, this method was designed by “Bruce Lee”.

3. Muay Thai

Two Muay Thai fighters in a ring, one landing a high kick on the other's head. Spectators are visible in the background.
Muay Thai

This method of Thai origin involves punches and kicks as well as knee and elbow punctures.

4. Systema

Two men practicing self-defense techniques outdoors.

Systema was created by Russian special forces and is a very effective method against all kinds of martial arts.

5. Silat

Three martial artists in black uniforms and red belts perform high kicks outdoors, with trees and grass in the background.

In the Silat method, joint sites are being targeted, and even fatalities can be added to death by using knives in addition to all the impacts.

6. Taekwondo

Two taekwondo athletes spar; the red-gear athlete kicks at the blue-gear one, under a referee's watch on a blue mat.

The name Taekwondo of Korean origin, in which hands and feet are used together, means “art of punching and kicking” and gives its title deservingly.

7. Okichitaw

Two individuals practicing martial arts with traditional weapons by a lakeside with a city skyline in the background.

Their roots range from the Canadian Indians, various weapons are also used.

8. Semper-Fu

Two military personnel are sparring with boxing gloves in a desert setting, with other soldiers watching in the background.

Semphe-Fu is the famous martial arts sport of the American Navy.

9. Eskrima

Two individuals in martial arts uniforms practicing with sticks in a gym-like setting.

The way that the wooden sticks can turn and become lethal, the two hands being used at the same time.

10. Ninjutsu

A person in dark clothing performing a martial arts stance with a sword, in a low-lit outdoor setting at night.

The name given to the ninja martial arts, where psychological tactics are important, with plenty of tricks.

11. Vale Tudo

Two male boxers in a ring, one preparing to punch while the other is in a defensive stance.
Vale Tudo

In Vale Tudo, which is very popular in Brazil, you can find anything from all kinds of martial arts. Clearly, everything in this martial art is in line.

12. Jiu-Jitsu

Two people in white gis are practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a blue mat, with spectators watching.

Jiu-Jitsu, a Japanese martial arts sport, a method in which the rival’s power was used against him.

13. Kajukenbo

Two people in black uniforms and red belts are practicing martial arts outdoors, amidst autumn leaves.

Kajukenbo, appeared in Hawaii in the 1940s, was influenced by Asian martial arts.

14. Sambo

Two martial artists are fighting on a yellow mat, one doing a high kick, as spectators watch.

Russian-based martial arts have a name formed by combining the initials of words that mean “unarmed defense”. It’s a fighting art that your opponent’s power used against him.

15. Keysi

People are practicing martial arts in a gym, with two individuals sparring in close combat in the foreground.

It is a fighting art that originated from street fights and is famous with Batman at the same time.

16. Kalaripayattu

Two men are on a beach practicing martial arts; one jumps with a hat, the other crouches with a stick, both in striped pants.

In other words, Kalari Payat is a decade-old, Indian-based martial art. There are also armed and unarmed techniques.

17. Dambe

Two men engaged in a traditional wrestling match outdoors with spectators in the background.

The arm and legs used in the Dambe, a sort of West African boxing box, are wrapped with thick rope or chains. Thus the desire for violence is increased. We can call it a painful fighting art.

18. Krav Maga

Two men practicing self-defense or martial arts, one performing an arm lock on the other against a grey background.
Krav Maga

It’s a technique the Israeli army found. A fighting art with boxing, judo and wrestling techniques and a philosophy.

19. Capoeira

Two individuals practicing martial arts on a beach at sunset.

It is a fighting art that is thought to be the invention of Brazilian slaves, which houses music and dancing.

20. Judo

Two judo athletes, one in blue and the other in white, are competing; the blue athlete is throwing the white one on a yellow mat.

Judo, a Japanese fighting sport simulating hovering, is a martial art developed by deriving from Jiu Jitsu.