Croatian Currency / What is the Currency of Croatia?

What is the Currency of Croatia? Croatian currency is the Croatian kuna.

Croatian kuna has been in use since 1994. Its mark is kn and International code HRK. 1 Croatian kuna divided into 100 lipas. Lipa’s symbol is LP.

The word “kuna” means “marten” in Croatian because it is based on the use of marten hides as a value in medieval trade. The word Lipa means “linden tree”, a species traditionally planted in Croatia and other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the early modern period.

The modern kuna was introduced on 30 May 1994 and started a transitional period of the Croatian dynasty, which ended on 31 December 1994. The exchange rate between dinar and kuna was 1 kuna = 1000 dinar. Since then, Croatia has entered into an actual currency system with a fixed exchange rate. Kuna has been fixed to the German mark. By replacing the mark with the euro, the fixation of the kuna has become euro.

Coins and Banknotes

A collection of various currencies in both paper banknotes and metal coins, with different denominations visible.
Croatia Kuna

Coins: 1 lipa, 2 lipa, 5 lipa, 10 lipa, 20 lipa, 50 lipa, 1 kn, 2 kn, 5 kn, 25 kn

Banknotes: 5 kn, 10 kn, 20 kn, 50 kn, 100 kn, 200 kn, 500 kn and 1000 kn