Colombian Currency / What is the Currency of Colombia?

What is the Currency of Colombia? The Colombian currency is the Colombian peso.

The international code is COP and the unofficial representation is COL $. However, the official peso is $.

Peso is the currency of Colombia since 1810. Peso was initially divided into 8 real. Colombia then moved to the decimal system and began to divide by 1 pesos = 10 real. Real was replaced by decimos in 1853, but the last reals were destroyed in 1880. The current system of the 100 centavos to Pezo was first used in the first banknotes of 1819, but not in the banknotes until the early 1860s and not in coins until 1872.

Coins and Banknotes

A collection of various Colombian peso banknotes spread out and overlapping each other.
Colombian Peso

Coins: 20 pesos, 50, pesos 100 pesos, 200 pesos, 500 pesos and 1.000 pesos

Banknotes: 1.000 pesos, 2.000 pesos, 5.000 pesos, 10.000 pesos, 20.000 pesos, 50.000 pesos and 100.000 pesos.