Administrative Divisions of Mexico

Administrative Divisions of Mexico
Administrative Divisions of Mexico

Officially, the United Mexican States consists of 31 states in total.

The states are the first administrative-territorial entities of the country. Moreover, the Mexican Federation’s states are free to govern themselves with their own laws.

Each state consists of municipalities. Furthermore, every municipality is able to elect their own council. Also, without an immediate re-election option, a mayor is elected every three years as the head of the council.

Moreover, the national flag of Mexico is a tricolour of green, white, and red vertical stripes; at the centre of the white stripe is the national coat of arms.

Also, the national coat of arms is an eagle with a snake in its beak, perched on a cactus.

See: Mexico Flag Map

List of the states in Mexico

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Sonora
  3. Coahuila
  4. Durango
  5. Oaxaca
  6. Tamaulipas
  7. Jalisco
  8. Zacatecas
  9. Baja California Sur
  10. Chiapas
  11. Veracruz
  12. Baja California
  13. Nuevo León
  14. Guerrero
  15. San Luis Potosí
  16. Michoacán
  17. Sinaloa
  18. Campeche
  19. Quintana Roo
  20. Yucatán
  21. Puebla
  22. Guanajuato
  23. Nayarit
  24. Tabasco
  25. México
  26. Hidalgo
  27. Querétaro
  28. Colima
  29. Aguascalientes
  30. Morelos
  31. Tlaxcala
  32. México City

The least populous state is…

Mexico is a federal republic located in the southern part of North America. Its current population by 2017 is 129,163,276.

Moreover, its most populous administrative division is Mexico City by its 10,662,420 population. Mexico City is not a state but a federal entity with a level of autonomy.

Furthermore, Mexico City is the capital of the country. Also, the least populous state of Mexico is Baja California Sur by its 345,682 population.

In Mexico, many people live in the center of the country. Moreover, migrants from rural areas have poured into Mexico’s cities, and about four-fifths of Mexicans live in urban areas.

The largest land area: Chihuahua

Mexico has 2 million square kilometers of land area. Furthermore, its largest state is Chihuahua by covering a 247,935 square kilometers land area. Moreover, its smallest states are Tlaxcala by covering a 4,091 kilometers land area.

Highest Point is Citlaltépetl

Citlaltépetl forms the highest point of the country by 5,610 meters.

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