What is the Capital of United Kingdom?

London is the capital and the most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. London, which stands on the River Thames in the southeast of Great Britain, has been a major settlement for two thousand years. London is governed by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

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Where is United Kingdom?

The 2nd largest city in the European Union is located in the southeast of the United Kingdom, London, the capital of England.

When did London Become the Capital?

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The first settlements in London, the important world city with a long history, date back 2,000 years. Celts are known to be the first inhabitants of the city, but the city took its name from the Romans. In 43 BC the Roman Empire named the city Londonium. The Londonium word for the flowing river became London in time and because of its long history and interaction with different cultures, the city has met with many different cultures and has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world.

London, one of the most important cities during the Roman Empire, was gradually abandoned and destroyed in the 5th century from the collapse of the empire until the 11th century, under the influence of the Viking attacks.

Westminster Abbey, the most magnificent religious structure of the United Kingdom, which began construction in 960, played a key role in reviving life in the city. It was the capital of England with the rapid growth of the city and the rapid growth of its population. Thus, the rapid development of London has begun. In the country where the monarchy still continues, Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace, and certain parts of the palace are open to visitors.

London, which is the capital of the British Empire, known as the country the sun never sets because it has got lands on every continent, has become a popular city in many areas from industry to finance, from music to art. The city, which gets migration from all over the world since the imperial period, has attained a cosmopolitan structure where more than 300 languages are spoken.

Features of London


London has a population of 9,176,530 according to 2019 estimates. London has a surface area of 1,572 square kilometers. The city, which features a temperate ocean climate, has generally overcast and rainy weather. In areas outside the city center, where the airports are located, the air temperature is relatively cool compared to the city center. In summer the average temperature is 22 degrees in the city. In winter it is between 2 and 5 degrees.

In the midst of the sedimentary basin in the south-east of England, the development of London, which stretches along the Thames, took place in relation to this river; so the most important function of the city is port and trade activity. Above the city, despite the effects of the tidal event to the Teddington, the port extends for about 40 km, separating the bridge from the Tilbury tower at the location of the nearest ponds of high tonnage vessels. This activity of London, which meets one-third of the UK’s port traffic, is supported by an important banking and stock exchange function.

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London, the capital of England

The industry in London is very developed; iron industry, weaving, chemical industry, as well as other cities of England, does not hold an important place in London, but the automobile industry, electrical and electronic devices, furniture, publishing, apparel, and especially sensitive machines give the London region the country’s most important industrial center. There are also many oil refineries at the entrance of the estuary.

As the political capital of England, it is the home of the kingdom family and the center of government and parliament. In the area of cultural activities, there are similar aspects of Paris, the capital of France.

Important Places to See in London

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London is a very rich city in terms of places to visit. It is a city that has many art galleries and museums and is famous for its natural beauties and historical richness. There are so many places to visit, there are so many activities to be done that you can not get tired and bored even if you spend your days or even months and even if you spend every day full. The most popular tourist attractions in the city are the Parliament Building, the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Bridge, the London Eye and the Greenwich Observatory.