What is the Capital of Gambia?

Banjul is the capital and the second largest city in the Gambia. The city, which was founded on the island, has recently become a popular tourist destination for European tourists.

Gambia map with the capital Banjul
Where is Banjul?

Banjul is located on the island of the Gambia River on the Atlantic Ocean, where the river meets the sea.

When did Banjul Become the Capital?


The city was first established as the British colony of the region and it was named as Bathurst. The city, which saw the area as the colonial officer of that period, was named after the name of Henry Bathurst and became a military center for the end of an important trade and slave trade. Since 2003, the ruins have been preserved as a world heritage site by UNESCO. As a result of the independence of the Gambia on February 18, 1965, it was designated as the capital of the new country. The name of the city was changed to Banjul on 24 April 1973 due to the Africanization policy.

Features of Banjul


According to the 2012 data, Banjul has a population of 413,397. Banjul has an area of 93 square kilometers. Banjul has a tropical climate. Between July and October, it is very rainy and very hot, while between November and June it is cooler and rainfall is less. The air temperature is usually around 25-30 degrees throughout the year.

The crime rate in the city is high. Especially at night, you need to avoid secluded places. Many extortion events are taking place. When swimming, you need to be very careful against the harsh waves of the ocean. Watch out for floats and be sure that the area you enter before entering the sea is safe. Yellow fever is a disease both in the country and in Banjul. Instead of mains water, packaged PET bottles should be preferred. You should also get permission to take pictures of people in the vicinity. Because some people have some superstitious beliefs on this issue, you may encounter unexpected reactions.

Fishing is developed due to its presence on the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, Banjul offers great-priced seafood with a good price. Also locally produced peanut varieties are consumed too much. The dishes are mostly seafood products. Nefertiti and Michels Seafood Bar are among the highlights of the city. Important restaurants are gathered on the shore of Kololi beach and in the Senegambia region.

Important Places to See in Banjul


Banjul is known as the most developed city in terms of tourism in the Gambia. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas in the city. Places to see in Banjul are Arch 22, Kololi Beach and Albert Market. Arch 22 is a building built to commemorate the coup on 22 July 1994. This building is 36 meters high and offers a wonderful visual feast. There is also a small and cozy cafe and a museum. At the same time, 22 July Square, the city is almost a pulse point. On this square, there is the World War I memorial and a fountain dating from the 1930s.

You can rent bikes in the city and visit the city. The magnificent beaches in the city are the places where visitors can enjoy. The most popular among them is Kololi Beach. You can do various water sports. You can get to know the nature of many animals and plants by participating in nature tours in Banjul which has a rich ecology.

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