Best Countries for Netflix

Though Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and other network streaming services are catching up, it’s no surprise that the original streaming service Netflix is still the most popular based on the number of subscribers. Netflix has a whopping two hundred and fourteen million subscribers, the most by far of any streaming service out today. 

While other streaming services may offer their catalog only in the United States or their country of origin, Netflix is available in one hundred and ninety countries. You can stream on all seven continents, though there are still several individual countries where you can’t, due to licensing, copyright, or media constrictions. 

The United States is the best country for most overall titles, with five thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine titles available for streaming country-wide. That includes most if not all of Netflix’s original programming. Four thousand and thirty-five of those are films, while there are one thousand eight hundred and forty-four TV shows on US Netflix. 

Of those shows, thirty-two of them have won Emmy awards, while sixty movies on US Netflix have won Academy Awards. Netflix in the United States as a whole has a six-point nine-five Internet Movie Database (IMBD) rating and a MetaCritc score of sixty-two point nine. 

Is Netflix Different in Every Country? 

Yes, Netflix is different depending on the country you want to watch it in. Once you cross the border into a different country, your Netflix programming automatically changes. In their help center, Netflix has a detailed streaming map that illustrates the countries that have Netflix and explains which countries don’t. 

The Netflix map is a flat map of the continents with the countries sketched onto it. The countries that have Netflix are highlighted in red, while the countries without it are left unshaded in light grey. So far, only China, Crimea, North Korea, and Syria don’t have Netflix programming.

When trying to find a series or movie on Netflix, you might realize that the program you want to watch is not available in the country you’re in. This is because the studios that produce the content license and copyright it on a country-by-country basis. 

What Is the Best Country for Netflix?

Deciding which country has the best Netflix depends on what you’re looking for. Some countries have more award-winning TV shows and movies, while some have more well-rated selections. If you’re looking for Netflix originals, you’ll want to find the country where the most are available. 

With these factors in mind, the country with the best Netflix seems to be Switzerland. While Swiss Netflix doesn’t have as many titles as the United States or rate as well as Portugal or Russia, Switzerland boasts solid ratings across the board and the second most award-winning programing. 

Swiss Netflix has four thousand five hundred and ninety-three titles, with over three thousand movies and almost fifteen hundred shows. It has a positive IMDB rating of seven and one hundred and nineteen award-winning films and shows combined.

What Is Available on Netflix in My Country? 

To find what is available on Netflix in the country you’re in, you can check out FlixWatches Netflix worldwide catalog. The catalog includes the programming for thirty different countries and allows you to search for whatever series or film you’d like to see. It’s best for those looking for a particular show or movie like Harry Potter or Friends. 

The catalog also provides lists of Netflix content that is only available in certain countries like the US, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, and Ireland. Using the search filters, you can see what shows are available in what countries and search for programming based on the country you’re in.

When a show on Netflix becomes extremely well known or Netflix adds a very popular series or film, you can often find it in multiple countries. For example, the gritty and violent favorite Breaking Bad can be watched in seventy of Netflix’s one hundred and ninety countries. 

Of course, the country with the best Netflix for you will always depend on the TV shows and movies that you want to see. If you want to watch something on Netflix that isn’t available in your country, you can try using a virtual private network (VPN) or checking another streaming platform. 

What Is Only on US Netflix?

As we mentioned, there are a lot of shows and movies that are only available on Netflix in certain countries. In the United States, popular movies like Hot Rod, Resident Evil Extinction and Yours, Mine and Ours, and huge shows like Downton Abbey are only available on Netflix if you’re in the country. 

For kids, there are many children’s television shows and movies that are only available through US Netflix. Classic shows like Barney the Dinosaur and Angelina Ballerina, as well as fan-favorite movies like Hey Arnold the movie and Scooby-Doo. Most of the exclusive titles are created in the US and aren’t licensed to be shown by Netflix outside of the country. 

Netflix USA is a great place to stream if you’re looking for reality TV. Netflix has many seasons of romance reality shows, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette plus their spinoffs, and for an edgier crowd, they have Ink Master and Forged in Fire. If tough competition is what you’re looking for, you can also find in-demand shows like America’s Next Top Model and Survivor.

What Shows and Movies Are Available in Every Country? 

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t that rare for a show or movie to appear in multiple countries, especially if they’re close to one another. It’s much rarer for a show or movie to appear globally on every Netflix account in every country. Despite that, there are approximately seventeen thousand two hundred and ninety-seven titles that appear on every Netflix in the world. 

Some of the titles that are watchable globally are in-demand shows and movies. Some are international titles that are available to watch with subtitles in any country. Rebelde, a drama following six teenagers attending an affluent private school, is one of the more popular shows available everywhere. Meanwhile, Four to Dinner is an international rom-com that’s available to watch with subtitles in any language. 

What Country Has the Most Movies? 

The country whose Netflix catalog boasts the most number of movies is the United States. Netflix USA has four thousand and thirty-five films and one thousand forty-four shows together, totaling at five thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine titles. 

Canada is a close second with four thousand and forty-three movies, but only one thousand six hundred and eighty-seven shows. Rounding out third place is the United Kingdom which has three thousand, eight hundred and thirty-one films and one thousand eight hundred and forty-two different television series. 

While having the most content certainly doesn’t automatically make US, Canada, or the United Kindom Netflix the best, they may be the right option for someone wanting lots of choices. 

What Country Has the Most Award-Winning Titles? 

The most prestigious award for movies is the Academy Awards (the Oscars), and for television, it’s the Primetime Emmy Awards. Either of these accolades tells viewers that the film or series was outstanding in its genre and is most definitely worth a watch. 

The country with the most Academy Award-winning films is South Korea. Netflix South Korea has one hundred and nine Academy Award-winning movies, twenty-four more than its nearest competitor Switzerland. Third place belongs to Japan with seventy-eight award-winning films.

South Korea also holds the record for most Emmy-winning television programs at thirty-five, but it shares that honor with Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Coming in second are Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with thirty-four Emmy winners each to their name. Rounding out third place is Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, with 33 winners each. 

What Country Has the Highest Content Ranking?  

Audience ranking is another critical part of the success of a film or movie, especially now when the rating describes an entire catalog of content. Both IMDB and MetaCritic are well-respected sources for media reviews and rankings that viewers use to judge content.

The country with the best IMDB audience ranking is tough to define. Portugal, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia make a five-way tie at 7.13. The best MetaCritic score also goes to Azerbaijan at sixty-five point three, which it shares with Ukraine. 

So What Country Is the Best? 

Finding the best country to watch Netflix in depends on what you want to watch. If you’re looking to watch films over TV, Canada has the lion’s share of them with four thousand forty-three, but if you want every series possible, the United States is the country for you with one thousand eight hundred and forty-four

Based on the average amount of programming, award-winning titles, and average scores, Switzerland is the best country for Netflix for anyone who wants both quality programming and a lot of choices.

However, the content on Netflix in every country changes often, and your favorites will always depend on your taste.