Top 10 Luxury Holiday Resorts in the World

The top 10 luxury holiday resorts in the World:

1. Indonesia – Nihi Sumba Island

Nihi Sumba Island
Nihi Sumba Island – (Click to enlarge)

Nihi Sumba Island is located in Indonesia in the first place in our list.

The best hotel in the world is not in London or New York but in Indonesia. Also known as the lost world island, it is a little-known island at the same time.

Far away from the whole crowd of the world and totally away from the noise, Nihiwatu was a surfing club until it was bought four years ago in partnership with hotelier James McBride by his former fashion billionaire Chris Burch and turned into a culturally active adventure and serious tolerance.

Nihiwatu, three hundred kilometers east of Bali in the Lesser Sundra Islands, is the only resort on Sumba Island where 650,000 people still live a traditional life and practice their own rituals on their tribes.

2. Tahiti – The Brando

Tahiti – The Brando
Tahiti – The Brando

The legendary actress Marlon Brando, identified with the ‘father’ character, was a strict environmentalist and a lover of nature in real life.

He was so tied to the heavenly island of French Polynesia, Tetiaroa,

“It is beyond my capacity to describe this beauty. This is the spirit of the South Seas “.

He was looking for ways to open a luxurious hotel in the name of volcano, without causing any harm to nature. Ten years after his death, his dream was almost real. The eco resort The Brando is now taking over its green heritage.

3. Antigua – Jumby Bay

Antigua – Jumby Bay
Antigua – Jumby Bay

After discovering Christopher Columbus in 1493, this isolated island of natural beauty, marines, naturalists and romantics have always been a fascinating place. Today it is called Jumby Bay.

It is one of the rare places in the world away from the crowds of the Caribbean with a boat ride only six minutes from Antigua beach.

4. South Africa – Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane, South Africa
Royal Malewane, South Africa

The Royal Malewane, bordering the Kruger National Park in Thornybush Game Reserve, one of the best safari clubs in South Africa, is for travelers who want to follow the footsteps of the world’s most selective and rich wildlife lovers. The old world colonial elegance sets the tone of voice here and is especially host to a large number of lions.

The eight air-conditioned suites, perfectly decorated, reminiscent of Hemingway’s old days, oriental carpets, antiques, roofs made of corn and four-poster beds draped in a mosquito net.

The outdoor showers and diving pools on the large decks combine with wild nature, are a part of the especially elephants and other wildlife scenes. Two-bedroom Royal Suites are perfect for families, and groups can reserve the African House, a private six-bedroom villa, to be even more privileged.

5. Saint Lucia – Jade Mountain Resort

Saint Lucia – Jade Mountain Resort
Saint Lucia – Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain Resort, rising on the magnificent 600-acre shoreline, on the Caribbean shoreline south of Lucia, it is an organic architectural hotel celebrating the beauty of Lucia with stunning views.

6. United States of America – Twin Farms

United States of America – Twin Farms
United States of America – Twin Farms

An intimate all-inclusive hotel located in the middle of a 300-acre meadow and woodland, an unspoiled valley 15 minutes north of Woodstock.

There are hand painted wall paintings, rich maple and pine handicrafts. In twenty different rooms the Twin Farms have king size feather beds and fireplaces.

Exceptional dishes are supported with 15,000 bottles of wine.

7. Kenya – Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

Kenya – Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp
Kenya – Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

Calvin and Louise Cotar founded Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in the mid-nineties.

The camp has a sunset view of the Masai Mara from the remote horizon and the unlimited horizon of the Serengeti plains.

Over time, it is in an unspoiled environment.

8. Australia – Southern Ocean Lodge

Australia – Southern Ocean Lodge
Australia – Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge is designed as a haven of comfort, style and personal sincerity, offering an iconic accommodation experience on Kangaroo Island and redefining the Australian standard.

Its location guarantees its location as a magnificent sight, contemporary environment design, locally sourced food and drinks, modern wellness spa center, South Australia icon.

9. Fiji – Likuliku

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Resorts in the World 1
Fiji – Likuliku

Likuliku, located in Malolo Island, plays an important role in local mythology and history, and you can visit Yadra Cave and Vatu Tagi, or the crying rock, where some of the sacred sites scattered around the facility are especially wishing.

10. Maldives – Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Maldives – Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Maldives – Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Lily Beach Resort And Spa has 119 villas, including over 40 waterfront villas. It is a popular 5 star private island hotel, specializing in all inclusive food and beverage packages.

Each of the Deluxe Water Villas is complete with a private jacuzzi and the Sunset Water Suites offers a larger pool and private butler service.

11. Seychelles – North Island

Seychelles – North Island
Seychelles – North Island

North Island Resort is located on the northernmost island of Seychelles, with the white beaches of the Seychelles island and the reputation of having the greenest vegetation.

There are 11 luxurious villas on this tropical island.