Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World

In this post we will talk about the top 10 most visited museums of the world. There are about 60,000 museums in 202 countries around the world in total. For you, we compiled 10 museums that received the most visitors in one year.

As you can see on the map, there are 3 museums in USA and 3 museums in England. With 2 museums, China follows England. In addition to these countries, France and Italy are taking their place on the list after China with one of their own museums.

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 1
Top 10 Most Visited Museums

Now let’s look at the order in the order.

10. Tate Modern – London/England

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 2
Tate Modern London

The Tate Modern museum in London, England, attracts about 5.8 million to 6 million visitors a year, and is on the 10th place on the list. Tate Modern is one of London’s most famous museums. In the exhibition of the museum there are modern artworks from the 20th century.

The museum has a building, which was a power station before. Since its opening in 2000, it has become one of London’s most famous and popular museums.

Nearly 1,500 pieces of modern art are exhibited in Tate Modern. Tate Modern is located on the opposite shores of St. Paul’s Cathedral. After seeing the cathedral, you can reach the museum through the modern-looking Millenium Bridge, which was built in the year 2000.

Also near the museum there is the historic, famous theater with the name Shakespeare’s Globe. Because they are all within walking distance, you can visit each of them on the same day to save time at the resort.

9. Vatican Museum – Vatican City/Italy

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 3
Vatican Museum

The Vatican museum, the most important building in the Vatican, attracts approximately 6.2-6.4 million visitors annually. The Vatican museum is the largest museum complex in Rome. The works you will see in the Vatican Museum are important and special. Because these works in the Vatican Museum consist of valuable paintings, sculptures and maps collected by different Papates throughout the centuries.

Many works within the museum have their own special and valuable meanings. However, the most popular tourist attractions here are the rooms of Raphael, Michelangelo’s masterpiece of the sistine chapel and the Etruscan museum.

8. Metropolitan Art – New York/United States of America

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 4
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the Met, is located in New York City and is the largest art museum in the United States, and at the same time one of the most visited art museums in the world.

The permanent collection contains more than two million works divided into twelve curators. The main building at the eastern end of Central Park in Manhattan’s Museum Mile is one of the world’s largest art galleries.

A much smaller second venue, The Cloisters at Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan, contains a large collection of art, architecture and art from medieval Europe.

  7. National Gallery – London/England

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 5
National Gallery

The National Gallery, founded in London in 1824, has a collection of more than 2,300 items and receives 6.4-6.6 million visitors a year. The building is located in Trafalgar Square. The museum has many paintings in the thirteenth and twentieth centuries. The people of  the United Kingdom Owns the collection. Furthermore it is free to enter.

Unlike the Paris Louvre in Paris and the Prado Museum in Madrid, it is not based on an existing royal or private collection. In 1824, the British government bought 36 paintings from banker John Julius Angerstein.

These tables were the first works of the museum. That time manager Sir Charles Lock Eastlake’s efforts and the donations made are two-thirds of the collection of the museum.

As a result, despite having a small-size collection compared to other national galleries in Europe, it was noted for its ability to capture important pieces and to include a wide range of Giotto’s from Cézanne. For a period was one of several galleries that could display their permanent collection in Europe.

6. British Museum – London/England

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 6
British Museum

Established in the 1700s, the London British Museum, home to ancient collections of ethnography, is one of the finest museums in the city.

Moreover, it is almost a London icon, and it is the widest historical monument of the city with its works of art. The museum, which receives 6.7-6.9 million visitors annually, is the sixth most visited museum in the world.

After Sir Hans Sloane, a naturalist, died, 69,253 pieces of heritage left behind. The need for an area that is necessary for the protection of this heritage by the state has created the aim of establishing the museum.

Built in 1753 and containing a history of three hundred years, the London British Museum was built with French architectural style, with the title of the first museum in the world.

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5. Smithsonian Air & Space – Washington/United States of America

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 7
Smithsonian Air & Space

The world’s largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft is in this museum, which is home to 6.7-6.9 million visitors annually, breathtaking in the heart of Washington. Also the museum is free to enter. It is a very family friendly, interactive museum. The museum was opened in 1976 and is located near the Capitol Building. Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, the plane that successfully completed its first transatlantic flight, the Apollo 11 Command Module or the famous Star Trek ship model used for film – is among the most impressive exhibits of USS Enterprise. You can also admire a large collection of uniforms, space clothing, various equipment, technical drawings, manuscripts, and documents, apart from aircraft

4. National Natural History Museum – Washington/United States of America

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 8
National Natural History Museum

The National Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum. It is located in the National Mall in Washington, D.C., USA.

Furthermore, it is the most visited nature history museum in the world. It is entrance is free and open 364 days a year. It is opened in 1910 at the National Mall.

Furthermore, the museum was one of the first Smithsonian buildings built to house national collections and research facilities. The museum’s collections consist of a total of 126 million specimens, including plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and man made cultural products. The museum receives about 7.3-7.5 million visitors annually.

3. National Revolution Museum – Beijing/China

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 9
National Revolution Museum

Chinese National Museum; located in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, is the main history and art museum of the country. It was established in 2003 with the unification of two separate museums and gives information about China’s art and history.

The National Museum of China is one of the world’s greatest museums and is one of the world’s most visited museums, with 7.6-7.8 million visitors per year.

The museum building was built in 1959 and is one of the Ten Great Buildings built for the 10th anniversary of People’s Republic of China.

2. Louvre – Paris/France

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 10

The Louvre Museum, which receives 9.3-9.5 visitors a year, is one of the largest palaces in Paris. The museum is home to the world’s most important collection of historical art and can be considered the most important museum of Europe.

The history dates back to the Middle Ages. It was built as a fortress by Philippe-Auguste in 1190 to protect Paris against the Viking raids. The dungeons and signs also left their place in a Renaissance structure during the time of François I. Louvre Museum exoanded the kings and the emperors from that time to the day.

One of the important events in the history of the Louvre Museum is that the revolutionaries opened the art collection to the public in 1793. The building, which was later transformed into a museum by Napoleon, was added to the famous glass pyramid in 1989.

You can see famous works of art in collections within the museum. Collections in the Louvre Museum: French Tables, French Sculptures, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek, Eastern Art, Italian Tables, Italian Sculptures, Flemish Paintings, Islamic Art.

1. Forbidden City – Beijing/China

Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World 11
Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, is about 6 centuries years old. It covers an area of 720 thousand square meters in Peking, which is the capital of China.

The great construction has about 20 million visitors annually. It is one of the largest wooden structures reaching today. In the Forbidden City built during the Ming Dynasty, there are many security measures to ensure the safety of the rulers.

The ‘Forbidden City’ is one of the most recognizable and worldly renowned monuments among the palaces in the country. The Forbidden City is home to more than a million pieces of Chinese historical and cultural artifacts.

Experts say that the construction of Forbidden House took 14 years. Also hundreds of thousands of workers took place in the construction. The huge palace, covering an area of 720 thousand square meters, has been serving as a museum since 1925.