Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia. Tunisia has been an attractive destination for tourists since the early 1960s. Tunisia is among the countries that attract the most tourists in Africa. Every year Tunisia has about 6 million tourists. The most visiting countries to Tunisia are Libya, France, Algeria, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom respectively.

10 reasons to visit Tunisia is the African continent and the Mediterranean country.

1. Medina of Tunis

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 1

The most beautiful place of the country is surrounded by old Arab walls and also the capital Tunis, also known as the Medina. In the city where you can find the best examples of Arabic architecture and the vibrant markets, you can find everything from house materials to gold and jewelery, all subject to marketability.

2. Chebika

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 2

Of course, it’s about taste, but the most original and beautiful places that can be seen are sometimes far away from city centers. Chebika lying on the skirts of Djebel el Negueb mountain can be seen as the best example in this context. The magnificent waterfalls, mysterious caves and palm trees that grow on rocky hills offer an extraordinary image, and of course naturally attract many tourists.

3. Hammamet

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 3

A modest fishing village, surrounded by lemon trees, is a magnificent holiday destination with numerous hotels today. As a matter of fact, Tunisia’s first tourist destination, city hot springs, wonderful beaches, and organizations that will satisfy water sports enthusiasts will keep you alive every day of the year. Besides having all inclusive hotels, Hammamet has a wonderful city center as well.

4. Sidi Bou Said

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Sidi Bou Said is certainly the most lovable city in Tunisia with a view overlooking the Mediterranean. The bohemian life of the traditional white houses and the blue color blend perfectly in the city, but a few trend boutique hotels have recently opened and plan to target a slightly richer audience. You can see many cafes, art galleries and gift shops decorated with flowers on many narrow and stone-knit streets. For those who want to visit Carthage, it’s a great place to stay and come and go.

5. Sahara Desert

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It’s a great destination for every visitor who can really afford a little warmth. In the south the Sahara Desert swallows Tunisia. The desert, also known as the East Sand Sea, covers a very large part of southern Tunisia. You can go with the best jeep or camel in the desert, but you will stay in a traditional tent and you will not find romance in the night. Do not neglect to see Nefta, one of the most spectacular sand peaks.

6. Matmata and The Ksour

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Star Wars fans will immediately recognize Matmata’s cave houses. Film director George Lucas was so fascinated when he visited here that he decided to include it in the film as well. Ghorfas gives the impression of another planet with its honeycomb-shaped grain warehouses and barber’s architecture.

7. Sousse

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Located on the UNESCO world heritage list, the city is located on the right bank of the country. The city, which used to have a military lima in the past, is famous for its sandy beaches like gold. It has been protected both as a very touristy resort and in a perfect way. Sousse is a wonderful example of the emergence of Islam from the first centuries to the present. You can see exquisite examples of Arab-Muslim and Mediterranean architecture, including Ftata Camisin.

8. Tamerza

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 8

Another destination with an abandoned city center and frequented by tourists. It is located in the mountains north of the salt lake, and stands out with two waterfalls, an oasis and deep passageways. When you visit here, we suggest you visit Mides, another mountainous oasis in the immediate vicinity, with a truly extraordinary kanyana.

9. Kairouan

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 9

UNESCO is one of the most important holy cities of the Cairoan country, another city on the world heritage list. The lively markets, the vibrant center and the rich architecture are the first features that affect visitors at first sight. The Great Okba Mosque is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Tunisia. Another place to see is the Mosque of the Three Gates of the 9th century.

10. Cap Bon

Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia 10

The peninsula in the north-east of the country is so beautiful that it is often known as the “Garden of Tunisia”. It is also a very popular resort center and this popularity has its reasons. A magnificent sun, an immaculate sea, thermal springs, eucalyptus trees, lush palms and sweet smells make Cap Bon one of the most beautiful places in Tunisia.