Comparison of Literacy Rates by Household Incomes in India

Before the Comparison of Literacy Rates by Household Incomes in India let us look deeply at literacy rates in India

According to 15th census calculations (was done in 2011) the literacy rates were still an issue in India. The literacy rate was 74% in India in total, in 2011.

It is an important rate when we look at the history of the country. It was only 12% when the British ended ruling India in 1947. However, there is still a lot to improve.

Literacy Rates by States

Literacy Rates by States

Unfortunately, the country still suffers from child marriage despite it is decreased into very low levels according to the past. Especially in the rural areas, families do all their investments to the male child, therefore, females get married in a very young age.

So the female literacy rate was 65.46% while the male was 80%. However, lately the government has done some rules about female equality rights thanks to the new regulations this rates will increase day by day.

Kids in Rishikesh, India
Kids in Rishikesh, India

Top 5 States Have the Most Literacy Rates

  1. Kerala was the state that had the most literacy rate in India. Its literacy rate was 94% in total, 96.11% male, 92.07% female.

Lakshadweep was the second state according to the literacy rates. Its literacy rate was 91.85% in total, 95.56% male, 87.95% female.

  1. In the third place there was Mizoram by the rates 91.33% in total, 93.35% male, 89.27% female.

Goa took the 4th place by having literacy rates; 88.7% in total, 92.65% male, 84.66% female.

Tripura was the 5th state that had the most literacy rate. Its literacy rate was 87.22% in total, 91.53% male, 82.73% female.

5 States That Have the Least Literacy Rates

– Bihar was the state that had least literacy rate in India. Nearly half of the females didn’t know reading and writing. The rates were; 61.8% in total, 71.2% male, 51.5% female.

– Arunachal Pradesh was the second state that has the least literacy rates. The rates were; 65.38% in total, 72.55% male, 57.7% female.

– Rajasthan was the 3rd state that has the least literacy rates. The rates were; 66.11% in total, 76.19% male, 52.12% female.

– Jarkhand was the 4th state that has the least literacy rates. The rates were; 66.41% in total, 76.84% male, 55.42% female.

– Andra Pradesh was the 4th state that has the least literacy rates. The rates were; 67.02% in total, 74.88% male, 59.15% female.

After looking at the top 5 most and least literacy rates it should be thought that India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Low-income levels, poor living conditions, and high population are the most effective conditions for having low literacy rates.

Below map shows the latest household income(USD) in India, by states. We may have a deeper information about the states by having more information about their living conditions.

Household Income by States
Household Income by States

Top 10 states have the most household income

  • Delhi: 4,300(usd)
  • Goa: 4,200(usd)
  • Chandigarh: 3,800(usd)
  • Sikkim: 3,600(usd)
  • Maharashtra: 3,500(usd)
  • Gujarat: 3,400(usd)
  • Haryana: 3,400(usd)
  • Karnataka: 3,200(usd)
  • Kerala: 3,100(usd)

Kerala, Goa, Delhi and Chandigarh were in the list top 10 states have the most literacy rates.

Sikkim, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka were not the states that have the most literacy rates however they were not the having least.

Comparing two data sets, it might be said that there is a positive relation between literacy rates and household incomes.