10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar

Here are 10 reasons to go to Madagascar:

1. Isolated Vacation from the World

Isolated Vacation from the World
Isolated Vacation from the World

If you are dreaming of an isolated life, for a short time you can fulfill this desire in Madagascar. The island, which broke off 165 million years ago from the mainland, is home to an isolated nature from the outside world.

Only nature’s color, voice and vitality embrace you. Unspoiled sea, forest together thousands of different kinds of plants and animals are important for your travel route, you are in the right place.

2. Animals Living in Madagascar


The most important feature of Madagascar is that 99% of the animals it hosts are found only in Madagascar. Almost all the plants and animals on the site can only be seen in Madagascar and in private zoo gardens.

The elephant birds, the world’s largest birds and extinct, live only in Madagascar.

It lives only in these lands, such as Giraffe Beetle, Micro Chameleon, Dancing Sifaka, Gecko, Tomato Tortoise, Flat Lizard, Comet Safari, Spear Nosed Snake, Tenrec, Fanaloka, Fossa, Indri, Black Lemur, Mye-Aye and many more.

Here you can see the animals that live in Madagascar.

3. Madagascar Movie

Madagascar Movie
Madagascar Movie

If you like the Madagascar animated film series, it might be great to plan your trip to this island. Because everything you see in the movie is real.

What do you think of seeing the lemur King Julian, known as Madagascar’s most entertaining hero? You can see many Lemurs that have become iconic on the island. 103 different types of Lemur are waiting for you.

4. Madagascar Cuisine

Madagascar Cuisine
Madagascar Cuisine

Madagascar cuisine is considered one of the largest cuisines in the world. Because it was influenced by almost every culture.

In Madagascar, you can find many dishes from African, Asian, Central Asian, European and Indian cuisines. In addition, many dishes are eaten over rice.

5. Madagascar Climate

Madagascar Climate
Madagascar Climate

There are only two seasons in Madagascar. Hot and dry from May to October, warm and rainy climate from November to April.

The island is separated from Africa by its mountainous structure. It is never cold and not too hot. If you don’t care for the weather, whether it is neither hot nor cold, it might be the right address.

6. Underwater Diving

Ifaty Coral Reefs
Ifaty Coral Reefs

Madagascar can offer you nice options if you like to dive. For diving enthusiasts

The Ifaty Coral Reefs and Isalo National Park in the south are ideal for a great diving experience. Unspoilt beaches are among the favorites of diving enthusiasts.

7. Nature

10 Reasons to Visit Madagascar 1
Madagascar Nature

Madagascar has a surprising nature that you cannot see in other destinations.

You should visit the colonial buildings and well-known ports of Diego Suarez, the rainforest on the skirts of the Ambre Mountains and Nosy Be Island, famous for its golden sand beaches.

8. Madagascar Beaches

Madagascar Beaches
Madagascar Beaches

To go into the sea, you can go to Sambava on The Vanilla Coast, a beach town in East Madagascar that is growing day by day. Of course, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the sharks.

9. Madagascar’s Stone Forest

Madagascar's Stone Forest
Madagascar’s Stone Forest

We can say here is the most interesting forest in the world. Stone Forest is located in the Melaky region, west of Madagascar Island. This karst plateau, which emerged in horizontal and vertical geological formations as a result of millions of years of erosion, is composed of sharp and pointed rocky rocks and spikes.

10. Wines


For wine lovers we can also recommend Madagascar. Ambalavao is a region in Madagascar known for its silk fabrics and wines.

Furthermore,  Ambalavao, one of the five cities in the Haute Matsiatra Region, is the southernmost point of the mountainous area in the middle of Madagascar.

From here on out, nature changes and the forests begin to bloom first and then leave a decanter.

Tourism in Madagascar

Despite the high potential for tourism, tourism in Madagascar is underdeveloped. Madagascar’s beaches and forests are unique tourist destinations.

In 2006, 312,000 tourists visited Madagascar. For 2017, the country has the goal of reaching 366,000 visitors, while 2018 government estimates are expected to reach 500,000 years.

Most visitors to Madagascar come from France. The countries following France in turn are Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Mauritius, China, Italy, South Africa, Comoros and Switzerland.

The main island that gives the country its name is Madagascar, the 4th largest island in the world. The island is among the favorites of lovers of traveling, with its different living species and their way of life.