Most Educated Countries in the World

The World Economic Forum has identified the world’s most educated countries as part of the Global Competitiveness Report. According to education rankings by country, the highest score in the report was 7, while the lowest score was based on 1. Here are the countries with the best education system and the most educated people in the world.

1. Singapore (6.3)

Most Educated Countries in the World 1

The education system in Singapore is known as the most accepted education system in the world. Moreover, there are intense and rigid educational systems. When global comparisons are made, mathematics and science are often the basis of Singapore’s education system. Singapore is the most educated country in the world.

Singapore ranked first in PISA, one of the most important exams for students to measure science, mathematics and reading skills on an international scale. Also, 1 out of every 4 students in Singapore performed at the top level.

2. Finland (6.2)

Most Educated Countries in the World 2

In the Finnish education system, teachers are selected from among the 10% of the country’s graduates. Also, teachers need to acquire a master degree in the field of education.

3. Netherlands (6.1)

Most Educated Countries in the World 3

The Netherlands is ranked high in many areas of education. The Netherlands is well above the OECD average of 24% in terms of number of university students.

4. Switzerland (6.0)

Most Educated Countries in the World 4

In Switzerland, 86% of 25-64 year olds have completed secondary education.

5. Belgium (6.0)

Most Educated Countries in the World 5

The unemployment rate in Belgium is around 3 percent. Moreover, the salaries of the teachers in the country are 57 thousand euros and over 39 thousand euros which is the OECD average.

6. Denmark (5.9)

Most Educated Countries in the World 6

Denmark is an OECD country that invests most of its wealth in education. 7.9 percent of the gross national income in the country is invested in educational institutions.

7. Norway (5.9)

Most Educated Countries in the World 7

Norway is a country with high taxes and high educational investments. Furthermore, in primary and secondary education, it spends about 11 thousand euros per student per year.

8. United States (5.9)

Most Educated Countries in the World 8
New York City skyline

43 percent of American adults are studying at university. In this regard, the US is succeeding to settle in the 5th place in the OECD.

9. Australia (5.9)

Most Educated Countries in the World 9

Australia is a country with a majority of adult graduates of education. Moreover, 43 percent of the country continues to have education in an institution after finishing school. In this respect, it is only behind Canada, Japan, Israel, Korea, the USA, and the UK.

10. New Zealand (5.9)

Most Educated Countries in the World 10

New Zealand has one of the world’s best education systems and has an innovative education department. The government plans to arrange online training from September onwards, so students will not have to attend school on certain days of the week.